9 Ways To Fix Whirlpool Microwave Door Error

If your Whirlpool microwave is not responding while producing the beep sound, it will likely show the door error on display. If you face a door error in your Whirlpool microwave, you are at the right place. Let’s find an efficient fix for it.

A faulty door switch, loose wire connections, a faulty door latch, and not placing the microwave on a solid surface are the common causes of the door error in the whirlpool microwave. You must figure out the faulty parts and replace them to fix the door error issue in your Whirlpool microwave.

In this article, you will understand common causes and steps to fix the door error on your Whirlpool microwave. So, go ahead with the article.

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How do I fix the whirlpool microwave door error?

If you use the microwave frequently, you must open and close its door frequently.

While using the microwave frequently assists in quick and efficient cooking, it may also cause door errors.

There are several causes for the microwave door error.

Here are 9 common causes and steps to fix the issue. 

1. Faulty door switch

The door switch is the safeguarding feature that prevents the microwave from getting started if the door is opened, preventing hazards and injuries. 

You can locate the door switch in the door’s frame, and it becomes engaged when the lever in the door is clicked while closing it. 

You can see a connection between the lever and the door switch with a small rod.

The rod connecting the liver and the door switch will move while opening and closing the door. 

If the door switch is not functioning, you will not be able to start the microwave. 

And you will see the door error when it becomes faulty. 

In such a case, replacing the door switch will help. 

Follow the steps below to replace the door switch in your microwave:

  • Unplug the microwave from the electric outlet. It is an important step as the microwave runs at a high voltage, and working on its internal parts without unplugging it will cause serious injuries.
  • Locate the grill in your microwave and side it to the left to detach it.
  • The next step is to remove the control panel from the microwave.
  • After removing the grill, you can find a screw securing the control panel at the left.
  • Unthread the screw and locate the screw behind the control panel. Unthread it using a screwdriver to detach the control panel.
  • Remove the control, and you can see it attached to wires.
  • You can locate the door switch behind the control panel.
  • Using a screwdriver, unthread the screws securing the switch assembly.
  • Detach the switch assembly and click the actuator. Detach the switch you want to replace.
  • Detach the wire connection of the switch to remove the switch completely.
  • Replace the new switch and connect the wire to the control board.
  • Reattach the control panel and secure it with screws.
  • Reattach the grill and secure it with the locking tab.
  • Plug in the microwave and check if the door error is solved. 

2. Wire connection issues in the door

There are wires connected between the door and the control panel.

If the wires are damaged, or there are loose connections, door error will occur in the microwave. 

To fix this issue, follow the abovementioned steps and access the door switch assembly.

Check all the wires for any visible damage or corrosion.

If they are damaged, you must replace the wires. 

Follow the steps below to replace the damaged wires:

  • Unplug the microwave from the electric outlet.
  • Access the door switch assembly behind the control panel.
  • As you open the control panel, you can see many wires attached to the switch assembly.
  • Take a digital photo of the wire configuration for future reference.
  • Remove the damaged wires and attach the new wires.
  • Reassemble the microwave by reattaching the control panel and grill.
  • Plug in the microwave and check if the issue is solved.

3. Check the door sensor

If you have kept the door closed for the longest time and have not started the microwave functions, it may cause a door error in the microwave. 

The main role of the door sensor is to send a signal to the control board when the door is closed to start the microwave. 

When you keep the microwave for the longest time, the sensor detects it as an issue, and a control panel will display the door error. 

There is a quick fix for this issue, open and close the door 5 to 8 times until the error code disappears. 

Doing this will help to reset the door sensor.

4. Check the door latch

The door latch in the microwave helps keep the door shut when the microwave starts. 

It helps to prevent hazards while you are using a microwave. 

You can see a spring hinge that helps in opening the door.

If the spring hinge is damaged or stuck between the door of the microwave, there will be issues with the door latching.  

If the door latch is faulty, the microwave will display the door error in the display. 

In such a case, you must replace the door latch. 

Follow the steps below to replace the door latch:

  • Unplug the microwave from the electrical outlet to prevent injuries and hazards..
  • Open the microwave oven’s door.
  • Using a screwdriver, unthread the screws securing the microwave’s top vent.
  • Using a putty knife, detach the microwave’s vent by unlocking the locking clips.
  • Detach the door by lifting it with your hands. It is best to get someone’s help holding the microwave while lifting the door.
  • Place the door in a comfortable place to work.
  • Using a putty knife, remove the inner door trim from the microwave.
  • Unthread the screws in the door using a screwdriver to access the inner door assembly.
  • Use a flathead screwdriver to remove the inner door assembly.
  • Separate the inner door assembly from the outer door assembly.
  • Using nose needle pliers, detach the latch spring attached to the door.
  • Detach the old door latch and discard it.
  • Reattach the new door latch and secure it with the locking tab.
  •  Reattach the inner and outer door assembly.
  • Reattach the spring and secure it with the locking tab.
  • Realign the inner door assembly with the outer door assembly. Lock it with the slots.
  •  Attach the screws using a screwdriver.
  • Reattach the trim with the door and lock it with the tabs.
  • Reinstall the door to the microwave and secure it with the hinges in the microwave’s frame.
  • Reinstall the top vent by clipping it at the top and bottom edges.
  • Reinstall the two screws at the top of the microwave to secure the top vent.
  • Plug in the microwave and check if the issue is solved. 

5. Check if there is excessive moisture inside the microwave

If you are not using the exhaust moisture vent in your microwave, it will increase the moisture content in your microwave. 

If you have the exhaust vent, don’t turn it off to keep the moisture content in your microwave in check. 

If you don’t have the exhaust system installed in your kitchen, installing it is the best solution to fix the excessive moisture inside the microwave.

6. Check if the microwave is placed correctly

If you frequently face door error issues in your microwave, check the position of the microwave where it is placed. 

The door will not be closed if the microwave is placed on an inclined or bumpy surface. 

If you keep the microwave in the inclined position, you will face difficulties in opening and closing the door.

With this sign, you can find it is misaligned. 

So, make sure your microwave is placed on a solid surface. 

Another possible cause is placing the microwave near the electric outlet. 

If the electric outlet is near the microwave, it will cause several issues in the microwave. 

If you have a short power cord, you can use a power cord extension to place the microwave away from the electric outlet. 

It is always recommended to place the microwave in the cabinet.

If you place it on your kitchen countertop, the opening and closing of the door will be disturbed.

7. Check if your microwave is dirty

Continuous dirt and debris accumulation in the microwave will be stuck in the door and cause door errors. 

It is important to clean the microwave regularly after every use. 

If the dirt and debris particles are stuck between the door latch or door switch, misalignment of the lock will occur, causing difficulties in locking the door. 

Here are a few ways to clean your microwave: 

Before cleaning your microwave, unplugging it from the electric outlet is the first and most important step to avoid hazards and injuries.

Cleaning with vinegar

Vinegar is an effective cleaning solution.

If you want DIY steps to clean your microwave, you can try vinegar as a cleaning solution. 

To prepare a vinegar-cleaning solution, take 2 cups of water in a bowl and add 2 tablespoons of vinegar. 

Open the microwave’s door and place the vinegar-cleaning solution bowl in the microwave. 

Please close the door, turn on the microwave, and let it function at high temperatures for 5 to 7 minutes. 

When you do this, the vinegar inside the microwave will remove all the stubborn dirt and debris dirt. 

Once done, let the microwave cool for a while.

It is important to be cautious when you take the bowl outside as it may be hot. 

Clean it with rage to wipe out all the content inside the microwave, including the door.

Detach the turntable and clean it thoroughly. 

Reattach the turntable and close the microwave door. 

Cleaning with lemon

Start by cutting the lemon and putting the lemon into the bowl that contains water. 

Keep the bowl on the turntable and microwave it for 5 to 8 minutes. 

Let the content inside boil, and the steam will spread throughout the microwave.

It will help to loosen the sticky dirt in your microwave. 

After 10 minutes, turn off the microwave and let it sit for 10 more minutes. 

As the bowl is hot, you must be cautious enough not to injure yourself with heat.

After the heat subsides, clean the microwave’s interior with rage to remove all the dirt and debris, including the door. 

Remove the turntable and clean it thoroughly. 

Reattach the turntable and close the microwave door. 

These are the general tips for cleaning the microwave.

Consider referring to the user manual to know the specific method recommended for your microwave.

8. Check if you are closing the door well

It is common to shut the door improperly in a hurry.

But in the long run, it will cause door error, stopping you from using the microwave when you need it the most. 

So, when you open the microwave, remember to close it properly. 

You can know you have closed the door properly when you hear the clicking sound from the microwave.

9. Check the grease filter

You can locate the grease filters at the microwave’s top or bottom.

Its important function is to collect the excess grease. 

In the long run, it will lead to dirt and debris accumulation in the filter. 

If the grease filter is clogged, the door error will occur because of its 

Soak the grease filter in soapy water to fix the error, and use a brush to remove the dirt.

How do you reset a microwave?

Resetting your whirlpool will help to clear the control panel glitches, and it will help to clear the door error.

  • Unplug the microwave from the electric outlet by removing the power cord. 
  • Let it stay unconnected for 5 minutes. 
  • Replug the microwave by connecting the power cord to the electric outlet. 

The reset is completed, and you can set the timer based on your preference after resetting.

Final thoughts

Microwave door errors mainly occur due to faults in the door latch, door switch, and door sensor. It is also caused by poor hygiene maintenance while using a microwave continuously. 

When you don’t clean the microwave for so long, dirt and debris accumulation will cause door errors. To avoid this from happening, you must clean the microwave regularly.

I have mentioned 9 common causes and steps to fix the door error in the whirlpool microwave. Follow the steps to fix the error effectively. Working on the interior of a microwave is risky, and you must do it only when you are experienced in handling microwave issues.

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Does a microwave need maintenance?

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Can slamming a microwave door cause damage?

Yes, handling the door harshly will cause damage to it in the long run.

Reference: Whirlpool Official ManualWhirlpool Troubleshooting.

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