3 Ways To Reset Whirlpool Microwave

Resetting is a simple yet effective step you can take to solve minor issues in your whirlpool microwave. If you are facing trouble with your microwave and are unsure how to reset it, you are at the right place.

You can reset your whirlpool microwave by pressing the cancel or clear button for 3 seconds. You can also do a hard reset by unplugging your microwave and reconnecting it after 20 minutes. Make sure to disable the child lock before resetting your microwave.

In this article, I will help you understand the 3 different ways to reset your whirlpool microwave. You will also know the common issues with the microwave to avoid them in the future. So, keep reading.

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Why does your whirlpool microwave need a reset?

Like any other appliances, microwaves are also sensitive devices.

It is common to face certain faults and repairs in the long run. 

At times it requires a complex repair process to fix the issue.

But that’s not the case all the time.

To your surprise, a simple reset can also fix many issues. 

If you are facing troubles with your whirlpool microwave, it is good to start the repair by resetting your device.

Even after resetting, if the issues in the microwave are not solved, you can move to the next repair process.

Now, let’s understand under what conditions you need to perform a reset in your whirlpool microwave.

You must perform a reset in your whirlpool microwave if you have the following issues:

1. Your whirlpool microwave is not heating properly.

A microwave generally requires 120 Voltage and 20A current to function.

There are several reasons why your whirlpool microwave is not heating.

It may be due to a faulty power cord, incapable of supplying the required current and voltage to the microwave.

Whirlpool microwaves come with diodes, high-voltage capacitors, and transformers.

All these components are used to power up a magnetron. 

A voltage or current fluctuation will prevent the microwave emission required to heat the food in the microwave.

To fix these issues, you must try resetting your whirlpool microwave.

2. Your microwave doesn’t start

The microwave may stop working due to the defective main fuse.

If the voltage is higher than the standard voltage, the main fuse will disrupt the flow of the electric supply.

In this state, the main fuse is considered blown out. 

If a door switch is faulty, it won’t let the microwave start. 

Also, if you accidentally shut the door fast, it may get damaged.

As a result, the door may not close properly.

Fix the door switch and the door.

Next, reset your microwave to refresh it for effective function.

3. The timer in your microwave doesn’t display the details properly

A timer not working properly on your whirlpool microwave may be due to issues with the control board and the wire connections.

To fix this issue, you must reset your microwave before jumping into the complex repairs.

4. The turntable glass in the middle of the microwave is not rotating and making a weird noise

A glass turntable is essential to cook the food evenly.

If it doesn’t rotate, the food inside the microwave will not cook properly. 

A glass turntable in the microwave may get struck due to defects in the mechanism of the microwave.

It also happens due to the broken glass plate in the turntable mechanism. 

You can start the repair process by resetting your whirlpool microwave to fix this issue.

5. The microwave buttons are not functioning

The control panel controls buttons on the microwave. 

If the buttons are not working, they may be due to the loose wire connections or the defective control board. 

You can start fixing the issue by performing the soft and hard reset.

Is there a reset button on the whirlpool microwave?

There is no separate reset button in the whirlpool microwave.

Instead, you can use the “clear” option or the ”cancel” option to reset your microwave.

A clear option is generally used to undo all the settings you initially performed.

But you can also use it to perform the soft reset.

You can also hard reset it by disconnecting it from the power supply.

How can I reset my whirlpool microwave?

You can reset your whirlpool microwave if you face any trouble with it or if it is not working.

You can perform a reset in the following 3 ways:

  • A soft reset
  • A hard reset
  • Child lock reset

Let’s begin by understanding how you can perform a soft reset. 

1. A soft reset

A soft reset can bring your microwave to working condition.

You can perform a soft reset if you have selected the incorrect time during a cooking process or if your microwave is suddenly stuck.

A soft let your microwave turn off and erase the program you initially performed.

Follow the steps given below to soft reset your whirlpool microwave:

  • Locate the clear or cancel button on your microwave. 
  • Press the button. Hold it for 3 seconds to turn off your whirlpool microwave. 
  • Your microwave has reset.

Finally, test if the issue is solved.

  • Pour water into a cup. 
  • Place it inside the microwave. 
  • Switch on the microwave and set 30 minutes as the cooking time. 
  • Turn off the microwave. Check if the water is hot. 

If the water is hot, you have successfully reset your whirlpool microwave.

If the issue still hasn’t been solved, try a hard reset. 

2. A hard reset

A hard reset is performed to fix the issue that is not solved with the soft reset.

Even after the soft reset, if your whirlpool microwave doesn’t respond or the buttons are not still working, you can perform a hard reset. 

Follow the steps given below to hard reset your whirlpool microwave:

  • Locate the power cord of your whirlpool microwave. Locate the circuit if your microwave is connected to the electric circuit.
  • Disconnect the power cord from the electric outlet. And switch off the circuit button to turn off the electric supply to the microwave.
  • Let the microwave stay disconnected from the electric outlet for the next 20 minutes.
  • After 20 minutes, connect your whirlpool microwave to the electric outlet by plugging in the microwave.
  • As the microwave could have completely reset, you must fix the correct time.

After a hard reset, check if the issue is solved. 

3. Resetting a microwave with a child lock switched on

The child lock or the control lock is a useful feature to prevent your child from accidental damage.

If you have toddlers in your house, they might reach out to the microwave and end up pressing the buttons on it aimlessly.

It will interrupt the device’s function while causing potential harm to your child. 

If the child lock is activated, all the buttons in the microwave won’t respond except the power button. 

Follow these steps to reset your microwave with the child lock feature switched on:

  • Confirm if the child lock feature is activated. You can check it by the small key lock symbol on the screen.
  • Locate the clear or power-off button in your whirlpool microwave.
  • Press the power off or the clear button for 3 seconds. 

Check if the child lock feature is disabled. 

When should I hard reset my whirlpool microwave?

You must hard reset your whirlpool microwave when it doesn’t turn on due to software glitches. 

You can also hard reset if the keypad is not working even after the soft reset. 

A hard reset is necessary if your microwave automatically trips the circuit.

Will resetting damage my whirlpool microwave?

When you reset your microwave more frequently without a necessity, it will damage the device.

But resetting the microwave when it has issues won’t damage it.

Instead, it solves minor issues like software glitches and keypad issues. 

Ensure you are not resetting your microwave unnecessarily.

Consider resetting your whirlpool microwave when it is absolutely necessary.

How do you reset a microwave that won’t start?

You can do a soft or hard reset if your microwave doesn’t start.

Check if the child lock is switched on. 

To do a soft reset, press the cancel or the power button for 3 seconds. 

Doing so can solve the software glitches causing your microwave to get stuck. 

If your microwave doesn’t start after a soft reset, you must hard reset it. 

For hard resetting the microwave, disconnect it from the electric outlet by unplugging the electric cord. Let it stay disconnected for 20 minutes.

Plug in the microwave to the electric outlet.

Check if your microwave is working properly after the hard reset.

Common issues with the whirlpool microwave

Here are a few common issues that Whirlpool microwave owners report.

While you can solve some of these with a reset, some will require more troubleshooting and fixing.

1. Microwave exhaust fan is not working

Advanced microwaves have an exhaust fan to clean the air above the stove.

If the exhaust fan in your microwave stops working, you will face issues.

To find the exhaust fan, you need to check the air filters. 

The exhaust fan will stop working if the air filters are greasy and clogged.

Locate the mesh filter and disconnect it from the microwave.

Clean it to remove all the dirt and greasy deposits. 

Check the exhaust fan, remove all the parts and clean them to make the exhaust fan work again.

If you see any damaged part in the assembly, you must replace it.

2. Microwave doesn’t shut off

Another common problem is when you switch on the microwave and start the cooking process, it will keep running even after exceeding the cooking time. 

As a result, the food inside the microwave is overcooked, and there are chances of potential danger in such situations.

All you have to do is, open the door or disconnect the microwave from the electric supply. 

Usually, this issue is caused if the electric unit is at fault.

Check the door interlock switch, and see if it is at fault.

Replace it with the new one.

Loose wire connections in the control board will also cause this issue. 

Replace the control board if you find it defective.

3. Microwave light is out

A light bulb in your microwave is useful in indicating your device’s on and off status. 

If the light is not working, you may not know if the microwave is switched on or not. 

In such a case, you must check if the light bulb is defective.

Consider replacing the light bulb if you find it faulty.

Or else check if the defective control board is causing this issue. 

Cooking takes longer than normal:

If you notice your microwave taking longer to cook the food, it might be due to the faults in the power connections. 

Check if your microwave receives enough voltage and current required to cook the food. 

A faulty power cord will also cause this issue.

In such a case, replace it with the new one. 

Check the internal parts of the microwave, and seek help from a professional to figure out the issue. 

You can run a quick test to confirm if your microwave is taking a long time to cook. 

Fill a bowl with a glass of water, and place it inside the microwave.

Switch on the microwave and set the cooking time. 

After the cooking time has ended, take out the bowl and check if the water is hot enough. 

If not, you can confirm your microwave is running slow.

4. A burning smell

A burning smell in the microwave is a serious issue you must not ignore. 

It is usually caused by wiring or electrical issues.

If you sense the burning smell when the microwave is running, switch it off immediately. 

In some cases, it may also occur due to the debris spilled around the microwave, which is left uncleaned.

You can prevent this by cleaning the interior of the microwave with a soft sponge after every use.

In other cases, some parts of the microwave might have burned out, and you will need to replace those parts.

Seek professional help if you have no experience, as microwaves contain high voltages of electricity even after you’ve unplugged them.

Final thoughts

Don’t panic and run to the repair shop immediately when you face trouble with your Whirlpool microwave. You must be aware of some procedures which you can do yourself before spending dollars on the repair. 

One such procedure is to reset your whirlpool microwave. Sometimes, resetting your microwave will solve minor software glitches and other common issues. You can perform a soft or hard reset to fix the issues in the microwave. Follow the steps mentioned in the article to reset your whirlpool microwave. 

You can reset your microwave when you face the common problems mentioned in the article. Still, you should not reset it too often without a necessity, as it can damage your microwave.

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Reference: Whirlpool Official Manual, Whirlpool Troubleshooting.

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  1. This is the second whirlpool with the same problem. It’s been over a year still waiting for a repair man. We are in a FEMA trailir now and the counter top micro doing the same thing as the built in. Will it be another year before a service man comes. All my appliances are whirlpool slowly loosing confidence. Oh the problem door a hat turntable stuck. Over heating and rapid temperature rise in
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    1. It sounds bad to me. I would recommend getting it checked by a technician. If the company doesn’t provide with one go with a third party technician.

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