How To Use Alexa As A Bluetooth Speaker Without Wi-Fi?

Using Alexa is very convenient. But do you want to use Alexa as a Bluetooth speaker without any Wi-Fi connection? Do not worry; there are ways to do it, and today’s article talks precisely about this.

To use Alexa as a Bluetooth speaker without Wi-Fi, borrow and use your smartphone’s internet via hotspot or pair the Alexa speaker via Bluetooth with your chosen device, like Android, iPhone, Windows, or iMac. Another old method is to use the AUX connection. 

While you can use Alexa as a Bluetooth speaker without Wi-Fi, you cannot use voice commands without an internet connection. To learn everything in detail, read this article till the end to learn how to use Alexa as a Bluetooth speaker without Wi-Fi. 

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Introduction to Alexa as a Bluetooth speaker

Alexa is a voice assistant service by Amazon, compatible with all Amazon Alexa devices. 

Bluetooth is a wireless technology that helps data exchange between electronic devices over short distances. 

It can help you connect Alexa devices with other Bluetooth-enabled devices like smartphones and tablets without any internet connection. 

Alexa devices have an in-built Bluetooth capacity to function as wireless speakers. 

You can stream music or audio from your Bluetooth-enabled devices to the Alexa speakers without Wi-Fi. 

To use Alexa as a Bluetooth speaker without any Wi-Fi connections, you must use a Bluetooth-enabled device like a mobile or tablet and the Alexa device supporting Bluetooth. 

Why Use Alexa as a Bluetooth Speaker Without Wi-Fi? 

I love listening to music on my Alexa device. 

Though my device contains Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, I feel more convenient using the Wi-Fi connection. 

Most of the Alexa devices will need a Wi-Fi connection for functioning.

Most Alexa devices will have Bluetooth built-in. So we can use them as a Bluetooth speaker. 

However, some devices will not have Bluetooth connections. 

Those won’t run without Wi-Fi, especially third-party devices.  

Now the question is, why is Alexa used as a Bluetooth Speaker?

I recently went on a vacation and took my Alexa device with me. 

Unfortunately, the place did not have any Wi-Fi connections.

Since there weren’t any Wi-Fi connections, I could not use Alexa to play music online or use voice commands. 

That’s when I considered connecting my smartphone with the Alexa device and then playing music. 

Using an Alexa device as a Bluetooth speaker without Wi-Fi can be helpful in areas without Wi-Fi. 

Here are some possible reasons why we should use Alexa as a Bluetooth speaker:

  • With a Bluetooth speaker, you can play music offline. Even if you have a power outage or your Wi-Fi isn’t working, you can still use Alexa to listen to songs. 
  • Alexa devices are versatile. Besides using voice commands, you can use them as a speaker. You can use this versatility for various audio, music, podcasts, audiobooks, or audio playbacks.
  • By using Alexa as a Bluetooth speaker, you can connect it to any Bluetooth-enabled device despite the operating system. 
  • Alexa devices have better audio quality than the standalone Bluetooth speakers. Using them as a Bluetooth device to listen to audio can enhance your listening experience. 

Requirements and Compatibility

Most Amazon Alexa devices will have Bluetooth. So, you can easily use them as a Bluetooth speaker without Wi-Fi. 

However, some Alexa devices, especially third-party Alexa devices, will not have built-in Bluetooth. 

These devices will not play without a Wi-Fi connection. 

So, you need an Alexa device with Bluetooth and functions without Wi-Fi. 

Remember that you cannot use Alexa voice assistant without a Wi-Fi connection. 

To use voice commands, you will need the internet. 

You also need a compatible source device to connect with Alexa. 

The source device should have a Bluetooth connection so that you can connect it with Alexa via Bluetooth.

While pairing, turn on the Bluetooth of both the devices, the Alexa device and the other device with whom you will pair it. 

Lastly, you should install the Alexa app in the source device, i.e., smartphone or tablet. 

Though you can set up Alexa using a browser, I haven’t used it. 

I feel using the Alexa app is easy and convenient. 

Let’s learn to use Alexa as a Bluetooth speaker without a Wi-Fi connection.

Pairing Alexa with a Bluetooth device to use it without Wi-Fi

Alexa is a convenient voice assistant that comes with all Amazon devices. 

Alexa will listen to your commands and answer all your questions as long as she is connected to the Wi-Fi. 

But sometimes, Alexa will lose the Wi-Fi connection under certain circumstances, like:

  • ISP issues
  • Weak Wi-Fi signals in far and remote places
  • Power outage 

You can use Alexa as a Bluetooth speaker without Wi-Fi by connecting it with a source device having a Bluetooth connection. 

Suppose you do not have any internet connection, even on your phone. 

In that case, pair up the Alexa device with a source device via Bluetooth and then play songs from that source device to the Alexa device. 

Another way is to use the AUX connection. 

The process is old but works. 

Let’s learn how to do these steps.

Setting Up Bluetooth Pairing

First, you need to ensure that the Bluetooth devices are discoverable. 

For this, go to Settings, Bluetooth, and turn it on. 

Based on your device, you may have to select DISCOVERABLE or VISIBLE. 

Do this for the Alexa and the source devices with whom you will connect Alexa. 

You can use voice commands to Alexa by saying. “Alexa, connect Bluetooth.”

The source device can be a smartphone, a laptop, a computer, or a Windows or iMac device. 

Pairing with a Source Device

Nerx, you have put the Alexa device into the pairing mode. 

Command Alexa, “Alexa, pair,” and the device will respond to your commands to connect your Bluetooth device. 

For this voice command, your Alexa will require an internet connection. 

If you do not have any internet connection during pairing, open the Alexa app on your phone, turn on the Bluetooth, and pair via the app:

Open the Alexa app and go to DEVICES. 

  • Select ECHO & ALEXA. 
  • Choose the device you want to pair. 

Connect the Bluetooth device to Alexa

Find the available Bluetooth devices on the Bluetooth-enabled source device and select the Alexa device from the list. 

Once you have paired and established the connection, the Alexa device will notify you that you have successfully paired it with your device. 

Playing Audio via Bluetooth

After pairing, test it by playing audio or any music from your smartphone or computer. 

You will see that sound will come out from the Amazon Alexa device.

As long as Alexa is connected to your source device via Bluetooth, you can use the Alexa device as a Bluetooth speaker and listen to audio without Wi-Fi. 

If you want Alexa to stop playing the music, you have to turn off your phone’s Bluetooth or the audio of the source device. 

Even if you turn off the Bluetooth of your source device, Alexa will remember your device name and reconnect whenever you turn on the Bluetooth. 

Using an AUX connection 

Using the AUX method is very old, but it works like magic. 

The 3.5 mm jack input is used to connect your headphones. 

Connect it to the smartphone via the audio cable, and the music will start playing from the headphones. 

Fortunately, the AUX connection will work the same in the Amazon Alexa devices. 

However, all Amazon devices will not have an AUX connection. 

Even if you have an Amazon Alexa device, only a few devices will have the AUX output. 

It means they can send the music to another device, like an extra speaker. 

But it will depend on the Amazon speaker type you own. 

Here is a list of some Amazon devices that have AUX input and output:

Contains both AUX input and AUX output:  

  • Amazon Echo 3rd Gen  
  • Amazon Echo 4th Gen. 
  • Amazon Echo Studio  
  • Amazon Echo Plus 2nd Gen

Contains no AUX input but has AUX output:  

  • Amazon Echo Dot 4th Gen 
  • Amazon Echo Show 5 1st Gen  
  • Amazon Echo Show 8 1st Gen 
  • Amazon Echo Plus 1st Gen 

If you want to use an AUX connection for your Amazon speaker, you should configure this via the Alexa app. 

Here are the steps to do it:

  • Open the Alexa app. 
  • Go to DEVICES, and select ECHO & ALEXA. 
  • Select your device and go to AUX. 
  • Select the LINE IN option to listen from a different device, for example, a smartphone. Select the LINE OUT option to send audio to another speaker. 

Using Alexa as a Bluetooth speaker without Wi-Fi via mobile hotspot

Here, you will use the internet but not your home network. 

You can connect Alexa to a mobile hotspot from your smartphone. 

You will borrow your phone’s internet and use it to use Alexa as a Bluetooth speaker without your home Wi-Fi. 

We all will have our phones all the time and with their own internet. 

You will need to make a hotspot and then connect the Alexa device to it. 

Turn on the mobile hotspot

Here are the steps to turn on the hotspot on your smartphone:

  • Android phone
  1. Click on SETTINGS. 
  2. Navigate and turn ON the PORTABLE HOTSPOT.  
  • iPhone 
  1. Go to SETTINGS. 

Note down the network name and password coming with the personal hotspot to avoid losing access.

Connect Alexa to the mobile hotspot

Once you have activated the mobile hotspot, you can connect it to Alexa by the following steps:

  1. Open the Alexa app on your smartphone. 
  2. Go to DEVICES and select ECHO & ALEXA. 
  3. Select your Alexa device’s name. 
  4. Go to CHANGE, next to the Wi-Fi network. 
  5. Choose from the list of available Wi-Fi networks. 
  7. Choose START. 
  8. Write the network name and password from the hotspot. 
  9. Click on CONNECT. 

Once connected, Alexa will confirm the connection after it is successful. 

Managing Multiple Connected Devices

There won’t be a problem if your source device has multiple devices connected. 

However, there is a limit to pairing the number of devices. 

If you already have 5-7 devices connected to the source device, your Alexa device will only connect if you unpair some of them. 

The same goes for the Alexa devices.

You can connect multiple devices with the Alexa device but within a limit. 

To manage multiple devices together, you can switch between the devices. 

Or, you can turn off the Bluetooth, disconnect one device you do not require for now, and connect the one you need now. 

Once you have paired, both the Alexa and the source device will remember the pair and reconnect once you turn on the Bluetooth. 

Using Alexa’s Voice Commands

To use Alexa’s voice commands, you need an internet connection. 

Without this, you cannot use Alexa voice assistant. 

If you have problems with the home’s Wi-Fi network, you can borrow your smartphone’s network via hotspot.

Connect your Alexa device to your phone’s hotspot. 

Then, you can use Alexa’s voice commands. 

Conserving Battery Life

When using Bluetooth, extra battery life might be used. To prevent this, here are some steps you can use:

  • Since you won’t use the Wi-Fi, please turn it off. 
  • Some devices will have battery mode that helps conserve the Alexa devices’ battery life. Keep them enabled to conserve the battery life of the device. 
  • Some Alexa devices will have LED lights that can be turned off if not in use. You can turn them off to conserve the battery. 
  • Use power-saving features. It will turn off the inactive devices and save battery. 
  • Ensure your devices and the apps are updated to their latest software versions. Manufacturers sometimes provide updates that can improve the battery efficiency. 

Limitations of using Alexa as a Bluetooth speaker without Wi-Fi 

Alexa speaker

Though there is an option to use Alexa as a Bluetooth speaker without Wi-Fi, there might be limitations. 

Audio quality 

When you use Alexa as a Bluetooth speaker without Wi-Fi, the audio quality may not be as good as when it runs with Wi-Fi. 

The quality will be slightly lower than when it streams directly by Wi-Fi.

The reason is that the Bluetooth connections have a lower bandwidth than the W|i-Fi connections. 

However, there won’t be a huge difference. 

Limited Bluetooth range

The range of the Bluetooth technology is quite limited compared to the Wi-Fi’s range. 

You must keep Alexa devices close to your source device for a stable connection. 

On the contrary, Wi-Fi has a broader range. 

You do not have always to stay close to the Wi-Fi router. 

Alexa’s Bluetooth capabilities 

When you use Alexa as a Bluetooth speaker, you cannot access some features of your Alexa device, which makes Alexa smarter. 

For example, without Wi-Fi, you cannot access the voice commands or stream from the online resources and services. 

Alternatives to using Alexa as a Bluetooth device without Wi-Fi

If you do not want to face the above limitations, you can try other alternatives:

Use third-party apps 

Numerous third-party apps and services help you connect the source device to Alexa without Wi-Fi. 

Some apps provide a workaround for streaming audio through Bluetooth or a local network. 

Use alternative devices

If using Alexa as a Bluetooth device without Wi-Fi does not meet your needs, try exploring other audio playback options. 

Portable Bluetooth speakers or Wi-Fi speakers with built-in Bluetooth functionality can give good audio quality and flexibility. 

Troubleshooting Common Issues

You might face challenges while pairing an Alexa device with the source device via Bluetooth to use the device as a speaker. 

But thankfully, we have troubleshooting steps to overcome these challenges. Let’s learn them one by one:

Resetting Alexa’s Bluetooth settings 

When you have trouble connecting the Bluetooth devices with Alexa devices, try resetting Alexa’s Bluetooth settings. 

Command, “Alexa, clear all Bluetooth devices.” Or, go to the Alexa app on your smartphone, find the Bluetooth settings, and clear the devices.

It will eliminate previously connected devices and allow you to refresh and connect the source device quickly. 

Check the Bluetooth device’s compatibility with Alexa

If the Alexa devices are incompatible with the source device’s Bluetooth, then Alexa will not work as a Bluetooth speaker. 

The recent smartphone devices and tablets should work seamlessly with the Amazon Alexa devices. 

If you have an old traditional phone or a third-party Alexa device that does not have Bluetooth, you cannot use an Alexa device as a Bluetooth speaker. 

Ensure that Alexa is within the range of the Bluetooth devices

When you connect an Alexa device with any source device containing a Bluetooth connection, you must ensure that both Alexa and the source devices are in proximity. 

If they are too far away from each other, you cannot play any audio on the Alexa device. 

It will get disconnected from your device. 

Usually, the Alexa device should stay within 33 feet or 10 meters of the Bluetooth-enabled source device. 

Final thoughts 

You can enjoy music offline from your phone or laptop using Alexa devices as a Bluetooth speaker without Wi-Fi. It can be advantageous when facing issues with the home’s Wi-Fi network or a power outage. Make sure that your Alexa device is set up. To use the device as a Bluetooth speaker without Wi-Fi, you have to connect it to another Bluetooth-enabled device. 

Or, you can use your mobile hotspot. You cannot access voice commands or stream anything online without any internet. Properly manage the other multiple connected devices while using the Alexa device as a Bluetooth device. 

You can turn off the Bluetooth of the devices you won’t use now and keep switching between the devices. Try saving battery life by using battery mode and power-saving features. Keep the Wi-Fi off if you won’t use it, turn off the LED lights if needed, and update the software and firmware. 

Can I use Alexa as a Bluetooth speaker without setup?

That won’t be possible. If you do not set up the device and pair the Alexa device without the source device, you cannot use Alexa as a Bluetooth speaker without Wi-Fi.

Does the Echo Dot require Wi-Fi to play audio?

Wi-Fi is needed to use voice commands and stream music and audio online. You can also play it without Wi-Fi by connecting the Echo Dot with your phone via Bluetooth. To use voice commands, you must connect to your phone’s hotspot.

Reference: Amazon Alexa

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