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Arthur smith

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Arthur smith

Arthur Smith

Electrical Engineer & HVAC Expert

Hi! I am Arthur Smith, an electrical engineer who is extremely passionate about electronics. I have lived in different parts of the US and currently reside in Wisconsin.
I am one of those rare children who knew what he wanted to study and do in life right from the start. I was a curious child who wanted to know how switches work and how the AC works, and I would always observe my dad whenever he handled the wires and fixed things around the house.
I currently work as an HVAC Expert at a reputed company and write for this blog. And I read many books or play video games in my free time.

Jeniffer Smith

Organization, Cleaning & Appliances Expert

Hi, I am Jeniffer Smith, a homemaker and organizer, and I grew up in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. I have been researching and fixing appliances and other things around the home and kitchen from a young age to help my single mother.
Whenever something went wrong, I couldn’t rest until I fixed it. Ever since I have enjoyed fixing things around my home, and I am always ready to help my friends and family with advice and hands-on help.

Since we were always looking for affordable ways of fixing things, we rarely hired experts and tried to fix most things ourselves. That interest brought me to write for this blog, as I realized my knowledge could help many people trying to fix things around their homes on their own without spending hundreds of dollars.
I have also picked up organization skills from my mother.