8 Ways To Get Nutribullet Lid Off When Stuck (Quick & Easy)

Stuck Nutribullet lid? Kitchen mishaps are never fun. If you’re struggling to separate the lid from the base, worry not – we’ve got your solution.

You can unscrew the lid from the Nutribullet base by running the hot water. You can also use a fork to release the pressure between the lid and the Nutribullet base. Use a lubricant to reduce the friction between the lid and the base, and try to screw the cup to disassemble it.

Discover 8 simple ways to free your Nutribullet lid, from using hot water to releasing pressure with a fork or applying a lubricant to reduce friction.

In this article, we’ll demystify why your Nutribullet lid gets stuck and provide a step-by-step guide to help you conquer this kitchen challenge. Keep reading for a smoother cooking experience.

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Why is the Nutribullet lid stuck?

Making smoothies and healthy drinks is easy and fun with the Nutribullet.

It is known for the smooth blending of ingredients to make your drink nutritious.

The Nutribullet lid getting stuck is a troubling experience, especially when you’re waiting to taste the mouth-watering smoothie.

Here are some reasons why the Nutribullet lid may be stuck, followed by the 8 steps to unstick the lid from the Nutribullet base. 

We have also explained each of the causes in detail:

1. The Nutribullet is stored with moisture

If you have just washed the Nutribullet cup in the dishwasher and stored it without wiping the excess moisture, the seal or gasket will get worn out in the long run.

Ensure you dry the Nutribullet cup before storing it with a closed lid.

Also, don’t store the Nutribullet cup with the lid attached.

If the seal is damaged, it will lead to the issue of the Nutribullet being struck.

2. The lid gasket is clogged

As a Nutribullet is used to make a variety of smoothies and fresh drinks, food particles often stay stuck on the seal.

If you don’t clean the lid’s seal after every use, it will start to deposit and make the seal lose its flexibility.

The debris deposited in the seal will stick to the lid, making it hard to remove while you open the lid after grinding your favorite smoothie.

3. You are overflowing the cup

NutriBullet Pro - 13-Piece High-Speed Blender/Mixer System with Hardcover Recipe Book Included (900 Watts) Champagne, Standard

A Nutribullet works in a vacuum pressure mechanism.

After you have filled the ingredients, it will remove the excess air from the cup and release it.

It is the type of method referred to as suction.

If you overfill the cup with ice cubes and more hard foods, it will create more suction inside it, making it hard to remove the lid once the blending process is completed.

Filling the ingredient only up to the marked level in the cup is recommended.

4. The cup is twisted tightly with the nutribullet

If you use the Nutribullet for the first time, you may have closed the lid and aligned it with the Nutribullet improperly.

Fill the cup with all required ingredients and close the lid in the anticlockwise direction.

And pop it up on the Nutribullet to align with the tabs present on the base. 

Give a gentle push and twist the cup clockwise to lock it with the motor. 

Now the motor will start to blend the ingredients inside the cup.

Make sure not to blend it for more than a minute.

As it heats up, the motor and lid may get struck due to the contractions and expansion mechanism. 

Also, while closing the cup with the lid, ensure you are not twisting it too tight.

5. The switches are stuck

Usually, a Nutribullet is used to blend smoothies and health drinks.

While blending these drinks, they are prone to spilling or leaking onto the motor base. 

In the long run, those spilled may accumulate as a sticky grime material. 

There are activators in the Nutribullet in the form of three switches.

They begin the blending by securing the cup in the tab and moving with the spring mechanism.

These grime materials may block the switch to move the cup, making it stick with the Nutribullet. 

You can avoid this by regularly cleaning the Nutribullet base and the lid to eliminate grime accumulation.

6. The gears are damaged

The gear attached to the blade assembly is made of plastic.

This gear runs the entire blade assembly to blend the ingredients in the cup. 

If you use the Nutribullet for the longest time and frequently blend the hard food, a gear may get damaged amidst the blending process. 

When the gear is damaged, a Nutribullet base will firmly hold the cup, making it hard to twist it from the Nutribullet base. 

You can avoid such events by checking the gear regularly and replacing it if it is completely damaged.

7. The blade assembly is defective

NutriBullet Pro - 13-Piece High-Speed Blender/Mixer System with Hardcover Recipe Book Included (900 Watts) Champagne, Standard

If the cup is stuck with the Nutribullet base, it may be due to the defective blade assembly.

A blade assembly has a bearing that facilitates the smooth rotation of the blades in the blade assembly.

Water will protrude if the bearing is damaged, washing away the grease and initiating rust in the blade assembly.

When the blade assembly is rusted, the Nutribullet cup will stick to its base.

Removing the cup from the Nutribullet base will be hard in such situations. 

You can eliminate the issue by replacing the bearing or the entire blade assembly.

How do I get the Nutribullet lid off when stuck? 

You can get the lid off by following the steps mentioned below. 

We have also provided a detailed explanation of each of the steps to follow:

1. Soak the Nutribullet cup in hot and cold water

YouTube video player

When the Nutribullet cup also acts as the lid is stuck with the Nutribullet rubber gear, it may be due to the contraction and the expansion reaction that occurred when you loaded the cup with the hot or extremely cold ingredients.

Follow the steps below to complete the process:

  • Fill a bowl full of extremely hot water.
  • Fill the other bowl with cold water. 
  • Soak the Nutribullet cup in hot water for 2 minutes. The rubber gasket will expand due to the thermal reaction produced in hot water.
  • Immediately transfer the cup to the cold water and let it soak for another 20 minutes. In this step, the rubber gear will be contracted to the original state making it easy to remove.
  • Now take the cup out, twist, and turn firmly to open the rubber gear stuck in the cup. Due to the extreme contraction and expansion, removing the rubber gear from the Nutribullet cup will be easy.

2. Freeze the Nutribullet cup for 1 hour

A Nutribullet cup stuck with the rubber gear is a common issue when you screw it tightly or blend extremely hot and cold items.

Due to the vacuum pressure created inside the Nutribullet cup, it expands and gets stuck with the rubber gasket or the base.

You can keep the Nutribullet cup in the freezer if it is stuck with the rubber gear.

Cold conditions compress the rubber material when you keep it in the freezer.

When the Nutribullet lid is stuck with the base, you can try running the cold water to bring the compression.

Following this, you can remove the lid from the Nutri bullet base. 

3. Pour a lubricant and screw it open

When the Nutribullet cup is stuck with the base, you can use a lubricant to reduce the friction between the cup and the Nutribullet base.

If the lubricant is added between the moving parts of the blender, it forms a thin layer between the Nutribullet cup and the base, preventing them from rubbing each other.

Doing this will eliminate the interlocking of the parts and enhance the smooth movement between the Nutribullet cup and its base. 

You can use coconut oil as the lubricant to facilitate the smooth movement between the Nutribullet cub and the base.

After pouring the coconut oil between the Nutribullet cup and the base, with the help of the assistant, you can screw it to separate the Nutribullet lid and the base.

Most of the time, you can easily remove a stuck lid. 

4. Use a fork to release the pressure

As the Nutribullet lid is stuck with the base, it will create pressure between them. 

It would help if you released the pressure in between by giving the external force.

You can easily do it by using a fork.

Prey the fork between the Nutribullet base and the lid to release the pressure, and screw it tight to let it detach. 

This way, you can easily get off the Nutribullet lid when stuck.

5. Use a hairdryer

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You can also use a hair dryer to produce heat to transfer the hot air to the Nutribullet lid and the cup to facilitate the contraction. 

Blow the hair dryer heat around the Nutribullet and use a spoon or knife to separate the Nutribullet cup and the lid. 

You can also wrap the Nutribullet with a towel to unscrew it effectively. 

6. Remove the dirt and debris stuck in the lid

Suppose dirt and debris accumulate in the Nutribullet base when screwing the lid to begin the blending process. 

In that case, the pressure created while blending the ingredients will stick the lid with the Nutribullet base making it hard to remove. 

After every use, remove and clean the Nutribullet with a sponge.

Wipe out all the grime that has been accumulating to increase the efficiency of the Nutribullet. 

It will help you eliminate unnecessary hurdles during the cooking process. 

7. Avoid grinding hard food

While Nutribullet is a handy tool for blending, you must refrain from grinding hard foods like seeds, nuts, dates, and hard ice cubes.

It will create excess vacuum pressure inside the Nutribullet cup. 

It will also damage the Nutribullet blades and gear, putting you in a situation of not being able to use the tool anymore.

8. Avoid loading hot food

No one can deny how much a Nutribullet blender is useful in making smoothies and other health drinks in a flash without hassle.

But it cannot bear the hot food as a blender does. 

So, next time you use a Nutribullet, remember to avoid loading the hot food while blending.

It is hazardous for the machine as well as you.

When you load the hot food in the Nutribullet cup and align it in a base, air will be stuck between the cup and base and get trapped in between as it absorbs the heat from the cup.

Does overloading cause the Nutribullet lid to get stuck?

When you overload the Nutribullet cup beyond the maximum line, the excess food particles will start to settle between the cup and lid. 

When you try to remove the lid from the cup, excess food will prevent the smooth rotation of the lid. 

You can avoid this by loading the food to the marked line in the Nutribullet cup.

Tips for using a Nutribullet in the right way

You can enjoy all the benefits of a Nutribullet if you use it correctly.

Here are some tips you must remember while regularly using a Nutribullet:

  • While blending the ingredients in the Nutribullet, don’t blend them for over a minute. If you blend it continuously for a longer time, it will produce heat and be capable of damaging the Nutribullet motor.
  • Don’t blend the ingredients without any liquid. You can add milk, water, or yogurt to blend the ingredients smoothly.
  • It would help if you did not load the blades of the Nutribullet in a dishwasher. So, clean it manually with a cotton swab. But you can load the lid, cup, and rings to clean in the dishwasher.
  • Please ensure a Nutribullet cup and lid are completely dry before storing them.
  • You must not use a blade for more than 6 months. Replace it once every 6 months for a hassle-less blending experience. 

Final thoughts

A Nutribullet getting stuck is the last thing we want. But, if that’s something you have experienced, this article has everything you need to get it unstuck and prevent it from happening again.

If you clean your Nutribullet from time to time, avoid overloading it or using only hard materials for blending, you can avoid these unwanted situations. I’ve also mentioned other mistakes in the article that might cause the sticking of the Nutribullet lid.

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