Ninja Blender Power Light Blinking: Causes+Fix

Ninja blenders are one of the popular blenders available in the market. If you have one of these, know that something is wrong if it blinks the power light.

A blinking power light in a ninja blender generally indicates that one or more parts of the blender are not assembled correctly. Check if the pitcher is securely locked in the blender. Then check the lid of the blender. Sometimes power light also starts blinking when the blender is overheated.

If your Ninja blender is not working and continuously blinking the power light, don’t worry. In this article, I will discuss all the possible reasons and the fix. So, follow along.

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Why does my Ninja blender power light blink? (Causes+Fix)

The power light that blinks on your Ninja blender indicates something is wrong.

Ninja blenders are built with safety mechanisms that have ways to tell you that something is wrong.

And the blinking of the power light is that mechanism trying to tell you that it is not working right.

If you neglect it and try using the blender, it can lead to hazards.

Therefore, do not try using the blender in such a situation, and try to understand what’s wrong.

In most cases, it indicates that some part of the blender is incorrectly placed.

If any part of the blender is not placed right, it will find it unsafe to work and give you signals through the power button blinking.

This is its defense mechanism of protecting itself and you from injuries.

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Now, let’s understand each issue and see how we can fix them.

1. The pitcher does not sit correctly on the base

Check the pitcher and determine if it is sitting correctly on the blender’s base.

The pitcher is that part of the blender where you add everything you want to blend.

The pitcher should snap to the blender’s base to function properly.

But if it doesn’t, the blender’s power light will blink.

Here’s what you must do to check it:

  • Check the part where both sides meet.
  • Check if the pitcher’s front part faces you.
  • Check if any parts look tilted or crooked.

If anything looks off, place the pitcher accurately.

Place the pitcher on the base and move it in a clockwise direction.

Move it till you get a clicking sound.

The clicking sound indicates that the pitcher is now secure.

And if this was the issue with the blinking, it will get resolved now.

Consider going through the manual to understand this.

2. The lid’s handle is up

The lid of the Ninja blender comes with a handle that you can use to remove the lid from the pitcher.

But it’s not only that.

The blender will not work and blink the power light if the handle is up.

As I mentioned, this is the blender’s defense mechanism, and unless all the parts are placed right, it will not work.

If you find that the handle is upright, push it down softly.

You should hear a clicking sound which indicates that the handle is in place.

If this were the underlying issue, the power button would stop blinking, and the blender will work again.

3. The lid is placed incorrectly

The lid is the part that covers the pitcher and prevents everything from spilling outside when the blending is in progress.

If the lid is placed incorrectly, the blender will never work, and its power button will keep blinking to inform you of this.

Also, if the lid is incorrectly placed, the ingredients can come out during the blending cycle and mess up the entire space.

Here is how you can fix this:

  • Place the lid over the pitcher and secure it in place.
  • If you check the lid, it will have an arrow pointing in a direction. Move the lid in that direction to align it.

This should fix the issue, and you will stop seeing the power button blink.

4. Overheating

Sometimes, the blender can overheat and cause the power button to blink.

Here, you won’t find any fault with the alignment of any parts.

But, in this case, the appliance needs cooling before it can function again.

Avoid using an overheated blender, as it can lead to hazards both for the appliance and yourself.

Allow it to cool down for a minimum of 30 minutes.

Once the blender cools down, the power button blinking will stop.

You can then use the blender again.

5. The blender requires cleaning

If everything seems fine and the power button of your Ninja blender still blinks, the issue might be something else.

Lack of cleaning can often cause dirt or elements to get stuck inside parts.

If this is the case, you must check all its parts and determine which part needs your attention.

Check the lid, the pitcher, the space between the base and the pitcher, etc.

If you notice anything stuck in any of them, remove the objects or the dirt and clean the blender.

Avoid using the blender until you clean it, which can lead to damage.

What if my Ninja blender’s power button still blinks?

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In most cases, addressing the problems I’ve explained above will help you fix the blender.

However, in some cases, it might not be enough.

There might be some other problem that can cause the power button of your Ninja blender to blink.

  • Electrical short
  • Damaged parts
  • Faulty cord

These can cause your blender’s power button to blink.

An electrical short in any part of the blender can cause this issue.

Or, if you or anybody else had dropped the blender, some part of it might have been broken.

Check for cracks; if you find any, you’ll need to replace that part.

Or, the motor of the blender can also be at fault.

Seek professional help if that is the case.

At times, the blender’s cord might be at fault, and you will need professional help to fix that.

Contact customer support to get the right guidance.

But before you check these, unplug the blender for at least 10 minutes.

If the blinking power button issue persists, consider the points I discussed.

Final words

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You might use the popular Ninja blender to make breakfast smoothies and many other recipes like I do. So, I understand how problematic it can be to find that the power light blinks and does not let you use it when you need to.

However, like all appliances, the Ninja blender can also face issues that I’ve discussed in the article. It might have broken from falling, or you might not have assembled all the parts properly. It can have a faulty cord, or it might have overheated.

Whatever the reason may be, don’t neglect the blinking light. Unplug the blender and check it thoroughly to understand the exact problem. You can fix many problems yourself, but some will require professional help.

Refer to the manual or call Ninja customer care for assistance when you can’t fix the problem yourself.


How to reset the Ninja blender?

We can reset a lot of appliances we use in our homes whenever is something wrong with them.

So, you might want to reset your Ninja blender when you find its power button blinking.

However, the Ninja blender doesn’t have a reset button.

You cannot reset it even with other buttons like you can with other appliances.

It is best to disconnect the power cord from the electric outlet if you doubt an electrical glitch.

Why does my Ninja Blender blink white light?

The Ninja blender might be blinking white light if its lid is not attached properly to the pitcher.

  • Check the lid and remove it first.
  • Then place it back on the pitcher.
  • Turn it in the direction where the arrow on the lid points.
  • Continue until you hear a clicking sound.

This should stop the white light blinking on your Ninja blender.

Why does my Ninja blender not spin?

Your Ninja blender might not spin if the power cord is not inserted properly into the electric outlet.

It might not be getting enough electricity to spin.

And if there’s the power button blinking along with this, then you haven’t assembled the blender properly.

Check for loose parts and place them and secure them in place.

How long do Ninja blenders last?

I spoke with a few people around me who own Ninja blenders.

And most of them told me that their blenders lasted around a year with minimum to regular use.

However, the blender won’t last that long if you use it heavily.

So, if you want it to last longer, use it with care.

Do Ninja blenders come with a warranty?

If something is wrong with your Ninja blender, you can avail of the 1-year warranty to replace the unit.

However, this is applicable if you are the original owner of the blender.

If you pass it or gift it, it won’t apply to that person.

Also, you must have bought it from an authorized retailer.

If not, you won’t be able to avail of the warranty.

Reference: Ninja BN400 Series Official Guide, Ninja BL610 Series Official guide, Ninja Official All Blender Guide.

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