14 Ways To Fix TV Has No Sound But Not Muted

Not getting any sound when trying to watch your favorite show on TV is one of the most annoying things that can happen. If you are experiencing this issue, you might think your TV is mute. But if that’s not the case, we’ll try to understand what’s wrong.

If your TV is not mute and you still get no sound, turn it off along with all the devices connected to it, like the cable box. Turn them back on after a few minutes, and check if the sound is back. If not, check the cables and ensure they are connected properly to the TV.

In this article, I will explain all the possible reasons that can make your TV produce no sound even when it’s not mute. So, keep reading.

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Why does my tv have no sound? (+Fix)

The very first thing that comes to your mind when you get no sound from your TV is that it’s mute.

But, we are ruling out that possibility as many times that is not the issue.

If your tv is mute, you can just press the mute button on the remote to unmute it.

But that might not be the case every time.

So, let’s understand the other possible reasons and their fixes.

1. The wires are loose.

One of the common reasons why you don’t get sound from your TV is when there is a loose connection.

If you recently moved the TV or have kids or pets in the house who moved the TV or touched the wires, they might have dislocated them.

So, check your TV wires, and if you find any loose or disconnected connection, connect it properly.

2. You have connected headphones to your TV

You might have connected headphones to your TV and have forgotten about it!

This has happened to me, so I know.

If your TV is still connected to the headphone, the sound will come through the headphone and not the TV speakers.

So, before you decide that something is wrong with your TV, check if you have any headphones on it that are connected to it.

If so, disconnect the headphones from the TV and check if you are getting the sound.

3. The external speakers are turned off

Sometimes, your TV might be connected to external speakers.

And if those speakers are turned off, you won’t get sound even when you turn the TV on.

So, check if the speakers are disconnected from the electric outlet or switched off.

If so, connecting them back or turning them back on will solve the issue.

4. The sound settings are wrong

If the sound setting is not right, it can stop the TV from producing sound.

Check the TV speakers setting and find if the TV Speakers option is selected.

If not, change the settings to TV speakers.

This should help you get sound from your TV again.

5. Increase the volume

Although your TV might not be mute, the volume might be very low, because of which you may not hear any sound.

Check the volume and increase it with your TV remote.

Sometimes, the volume of the TV might not be the issue.

If you have a set-top box connected to your TV, the sound of the box might be low or mute.

In that case, you will need to increase the volume of the set-top box and not the TV to fix the issue.

6. Disconnect the TV from all connections

Switching the TV off and disconnecting it from all the connections, like the set-up box, can help sometimes.

An internal glitch might get fixed if you disconnect all the connections and connect them back.

It is like a temporary reset.

So, if you are not getting any sound from your TV, try this out.

7. Software update

If you’ve been delaying any software update on your TV, chances are that the sound will not come out in that case.

Proceed with the software update, and then check if you are getting the sound from your TV.

8. Change the audio output

If your TV is connected to any headphones or external speakers, these devices might be faulty, because of which you might not get any sound from them.

Try disconnecting these devices and checking if the TV audio is working and producing sound.

9. Connect an audio cable

If you bought a new TV recently and are not getting any sound after turning it on, maybe you didn’t connect the audio cable.

You might have connected the “S” cable, but that will only produce the video, not the sound.

Therefore, consider connecting the audio cable in such a scenario.

10. Secondary audio protocol

Is your TV set to the secondary audio protocol?

If it is, you won’t get any sound.

Check the settings and make sure it is not set to SAP.

If it is, you will need to disable it.

Here is how you can do that:

  • Go to the “Settings” option.
  • Then go to the “Quick Settings” option.
  • Then you will find the “Disable SAP” option.
  • Select it, and you should get the sound back.

11. Signal issue

If the signal source is too weak, you might not get any sound from your TV.

The signal should at least be more than 20db.

If you doubt this, check the signal source of your TV.

Do this by:

  • Select the “Settings” option.
  • Go to “Support”
  • Go on “Self-diagnosis”
  • Now, check the Signal Information.

After this, you will know if this is the issue.

12. Try an analog broadcast

Consider performing an analog broadcast tuning if your TV has this feature.

If you don’t get any sound, something is wrong with the TV.

But if you hear any sound, you might need to check the headphones and speakers to see if something is wrong.

13. Motherboard damage

There might be some internal damage to the motherboard of your TV that can prevent it from producing sound.

Once you’ve tried and tested almost everything, you might want to get this checked.

You might not be able to handle this issue, so you can take the help of a professional and replace the motherboard or any element inside it if there’s an issue.

14. Factory reset

Try a factory reset if you have already checked the above points and ensured none of these is the issue.

Refer to the manual to understand how to factory reset your TV.

It will vary depending on the brand and model of your TV.

But usually, you’ll need to press the “Menu” button for 10 seconds.

And then, follow the instructions you see on-screen.

Final words

There are multiple reasons why your TV might not produce sound even when it is not mute. You will need to inspect all the possibilities and find the exact cause to fix the issue and get the sound back.

It might require some trial and error as you might need to check all the wires and find if anything is loose or disconnected, you might need to check other external sound devices, check the set-top or the cable box, and finally, factory reset the TV if needed.

I have explained all the possible causes and fixes above. If there’s a problem with the motherboard of the TV, you will need to replace it. It is best to take professional help, as you might not be equipped to deal with it.

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Why does my TV have no sound on one channel?

If you only do not get sound on some channels, your TV might be on the SAP setting.

SAP stands for Secondary Audio Programming; some channels will not produce sound if this feature is on.

I have mentioned how you can disable the SAP setting above so you can check that to understand how you can fix it.

How do I unmute a TV channel?

Unmuting the TV is easy.

You can reduce the volume to zero or press the “Mute” button on the remote to mute the TV.

You will also get a “Mute” button on the TV.

You can press that to mute the TV.

How do I reset the sound on my TV?

Follow these steps to reset the sound settings on your TV:

  1. First, find the “Home” button on the remote and press it.
  2. Now find the “Settings” on TV, navigate to that and click it.
  3. Now, you’ll get the “Sound” option, where you will find the “Expert Settings” option. Select it.
  4. After this, you will get the “Reset Sound” option. Select it, and the sound will get reset.

This might differ based on your TV model, so you can check the manual or call customer service to know how you can reset the sound.

How much does it cost to fix a TV with no sound?

If there is an internal problem like an issue with the motherboard or any other issue requiring professional help, it will cost between $75 – 400 based on the complexity of the problem.

Reference: LG Official Manual, Samsung Official Help.

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