Why Is My LG Tv Stuck On Logo Screen? (6 Problems+Fix)

Is your LG TV stuck on the logo screen? It is a common fault. And the good news is you can easily fix this issue by following the steps I’ve discussed in this article.

An LG TV stuck on the logo screen might be due to a firmware software issue so try updating the firmware regularly. Sometimes, a simple reset and a reboot can solve this problem. Faults in the motherboard can also cause a frozen logo screen. In such a case, you must replace the motherboard. 

In this article, you will understand the common causes of why your LG tv is stuck on the logo screen. You will also know the step-by-step process to solve this issue yourself. So, keep reading.

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Why is the LG tv stuck on the LG logo?

It is not very unusual for your LG television to be stuck on the logo screen.

If you are facing this issue with your LG television, you don’t have to undertake your television for a complex repair.

You can easily fix the issue.

When my tv was stuck on the logo screen, I thought it was a complicated issue, and I now have to spend dollars on it.

Only then did I research and find the causes of why the TV might be stuck on the logo screen. 

And today, I will share the solution to help you fix your LG tv.

The common reasons why your LG tv is stuck on the logo screen are:

  • The firmware is not updated to its latest version.
  • A hardware or software issue
  • A faulty motherboard

How to fix a stuck LG TV logo?

Fix the issue by resetting, rebooting, replugging, and reloading the firmware software of your LG tv.

And if all these still don’t fix the issue, you must replace the motherboard of your LG tv.

1. Reset your LG television

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Find the menu option on the screen.

Look for the menu option, go to settings and reset your LG television.

Resetting the LG television will help to get it from being stuck. 

Sometimes, you might not be able to access the menu since your tv is stuck.

In such a case, you can try out the following fix.

2. Replug your LG television

Replugging the television will help fix your LG tv.

  • Keep the television switched ON.
  • Disconnect the television from the electric supply by removing the electric cord from the electric outlet.
  • Wait for 60 seconds.
  • Now, replug the electric cord into the electric outlet. 

Check if the issue is solved. 

3. Try force rebooting your LG television

Rebooting is a simple yet effective step you should take, as it helps to eliminate all the junk causing the tv to get stuck on the logo.

Follow these steps to reboot your LG television:

  • Switch off your LG television by unplugging the electric cord from the electric outlet.
  • Once the television is completely shut down, press its power button for at least 20-30 seconds.
  • Next, reconnect the power cord to the electrical outlet.
  • Finally, switch on the television. 

Check if the issue is solved.

If your LG tv is still on the Logo screen, try the following methods to solve the issue.

4. Factory reset the LG

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A factory reset on your LG television will erase all the data and the additional settings you made after installing your television. 

You will lose all the settings from the wifi and network information to login information.

You will also lose all the apps you installed.

To the max, you will not even use the google play app after the factory reset. 

Be prepared to start using a device with the default settings. 

Follow the steps mentioned below to factory reset your LG television:

  • Disconnect the electric supply from the television by unplugging the electric cord from the electric outlet.
  • Access its power button and the minus button at the back of your television.
  • Press them simultaneously. Reconnect the power cord to the electric outlet while pressing the power and the minus button and switch ON your LG television. 

Check if the issue is solved. 

5. Update the firmware software

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Even after trying all the above methods, if your LG television is still stuck in the logo screen, try reloading the firmware software. 

If the firmware is not updated on your television, it will get stuck on the logo screen to prevent the control unit from being damaged.

To avoid this issue, you need to update the firmware of your televisions regularly. 

Follow these steps to update the firmware of your television.

It would be best if you had a TV remote, a computer with internet access, and a USB to update the firmware in your television.

  • Search LG.com in your web browser.
  • Go to the software and drives page.
  • Click the search bar on the website to search for the model number of your LG television.
  • A drop-down list will appear. Select the model number of the LG TV. 
  • Create a folder in the USB. Name it: LG_DTV.
  • Transfer the data from the zip file to the folder by right-clicking the zip filling to select the exact all option.
  • Now remove the USB from the computer after pressing the eject option on your computer.
  • Insert the USB into the Tv. You will see the term UPDATE READY on display.
  • Choose the install option.
  • Wait for at least 15 minutes to let the update complete.
  • Switch off your tv for 10 seconds after the installation is completed. 

6. Replace the motherboard. 

The motherboard acts as the brain of the television.

Audio and video inputs are connected to the motherboard.

It has four main functions. 

A motherboard has a CPU processor to monitor the television system through various signals.

It transfers the signals to turn on and off the backlight. 

It also transfers the HDMI video signal to the RSDS video signals.

The flat ribbon and the LVDS cables receive the RSDS video signals to transfer them to the T control board. 

It has the DC-DC section, which determines the voltage supplied to all the television units. 

It will also control the wifi connection of the television. 

If the motherboard is at fault, the LG tv logo will get stuck on the logo screen.

In such a case, you need to replace the motherboard. 

Here is how you can replace a motherboard:

  • Switch off your television.
  • Access the back panel and remove it by unscrewing the bolts and securing the back panel with the television.
  • You can find the mother on the right side of the back panel.
  • Disconnect the wires and the ribbon with your hands without using instruments to prevent damage.
  • Use a screwdriver to unscrew the bolts attaching the motherboard to the television.
  • Buy the motherboard after referring to the model number of your television.
  • Place the new motherboard into place. Screw it with the screws you removed.
  • Reattach all the wires and the ribbon you disconnected from the faulty motherboard.
  • Reattach the back cover by securing it with the screws you removed initially.
  • Plug in the television. Please switch it on. Check if the issue is resolved. 

How do I reset the LG TV without the remote?

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Resetting your LG television will solve both the major and the minor issues. 

You can perform both a hard and soft reset on your television. 

If you don’t have a remote or your remote is not functioning, you can still reset your Tv using the buttons in your LG television. 

You can locate the buttons at the side of the television to find the setting option.

Then you can initiate the restarting process. 

As I said, you can either do the hard or soft resetting. 

While doing a soft reset, it won’t affect the software and the firmware updates.

It eliminates all the data stored in the RAM to refresh the electronic parts of the television. 

Here is how you can perform a soft reset on your television:

  • Locate its power button on the side panel.
  • Press it to switch off the tv.
  • Press the power switch for 5 to 10 seconds to turn off the television.
  • Let it be switched off and wait for 5 seconds.
  • Now, push the power button to turn it on. 

Hard resetting will delete all the firmware and software updates.

A soft reset will solve the minor issue.

You should perform a hard reset to solve the issue you cannot solve during the soft reset. 

It will delete all the apps installed and clear all the login and account information. 

Follow these steps to perform the hard reset on your LG television:

  • Access the side panel of the television to locate the home or the setting option.
  • Press the channel up and down keys to select the GENERAL option.
  • From the drop-down list, select the initial resetting option.
  • It will ask for a password to reset the television; you can enter the password you created, or you must enter the default password.
  • Now your television has completed the hard resetting function. 

After resetting, you must create a new account and reinstall all the apps.

You will also have to update the firmware software.

Final thoughts

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Most of the time, resetting and rebooting the LG television will fix the issue of it being stuck on the logo screen. Follow the steps mentioned in the article to reset and reboot the LG tv even if you can’t access the menu option on the television when it is stuck. 

After resetting and rebooting the television, you must inspect the motherboard if the issue is not solved. You can avoid this issue of LG TV being stuck on the logo screen if you regularly check if the firmware software is up to date.

An LG television will stop working if left un-updated for the longest time.

Even after trying out all the fixed methods, if you still cannot solve the issue, consider hiring a professional to do the job.


Why is my TV not responding to the remote?

Here are the common reasons your LG television is not responding to its remote. 

Your remote buttons may be damaged or jammed. 

Check if the battery terminals are clean.

If they are dirty, clean them with the alcohol solution to make them dirt free. 

It may also happen if the batteries are drained out.

In such a case, you must replace the old batteries with new ones. 

Ensure to insert the batteries at the right poles. 

It would be best if you did not use rechargeable batteries for the remote. 

It may happen because of using old and new batteries together. 

Fix all these issues to make the television respond to the remote.

Why is the LG TV NOT turning on? 

If your LG television doesn’t turn on, you don’t need to immediately rush to the repair shop.

Figuring out the root cause behind it before deciding to hire a professional will help you save money. 

Here are the common causes behind why your television is not turning on. 

The motherboard of your television might be at fault.

A thunder or a storm may have caused damage to the motherboard due to lightning. 

Check if the backlight of your LG television is broken.

In such cases, you must replace the black light.

Check if the standby mode is switched on.

While this mode is switched on, a television uses less electricity.

If you leave the television undisturbed with the standby mode switched on, your television will not turn on.

To solve this issue, unplug the television, and wait for 3 seconds.

Plug the electric cord of the television back. 

It can also happen when the electric outlet has no proper electric supply.

Check if the television has enough electricity and if the cables carry the electricity to the television.

Why is the LG TV screen black when I turn it on?

If your television displays a black screen when it is turned on, check the connections of the television.

Check if the power and other input connections are plugged in correctly because loose connections will also cause the LG TV to display a black screen. 

Access the back panel of the TV to check if there are loose connections. 

In such a case, please fix it.

If the audio and video inputs are not connected well or are damaged, it will pay the way for a black screen to display on the television.

Performing a reset on the LG television will fix the issue causing the LG TV to display a black screen.

Reference: LG official Help, LG Official Manual Search.

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