10 Reasons Why Your Amana Dishwasher Not Turning On(+Fix)

Dishwashers are an important part of people’s lifestyles as they are highly dependent on them for cleaning their dirty dishes. Now, if you have an Amana dishwasher that doesn’t turn on, you’ll try to find answers as soon as possible.

I remember facing the issue of my dishwasher not turning on, so I inspected it, and in this article, I will share with you the possible reasons why your Amana dishwasher might not be turning on. 

Start by checking if you are closing the door right or if the dishwasher is plugged in properly. If these seem fine, move on to check if the touchpad, door latch, or door switch has any issues. If you don’t find a problem, the issue might be with the motor or the water supply.

A few other reasons can also lead to your Amana dishwasher not turning on.

In this article, I will help you understand why your Amana dishwasher is not turning on and all the possible ways in which you can fix this issue.

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My Amana dishwasher is not turning on – What should I know?

Dishwashers not turning on can become very inconvenient.

I faced so many issues with my dishwasher, one of which was that it was not turning on.

Other issues I faced were that my dishwasher was not drying and not draining.

If your dishwasher is not drying or draining, you can check my articles on them.

But if your dishwasher is not turning on at all, keep reading to understand all the possible reasons.

1. Not closing the door properly

Your Amana dishwasher won’t turn on if the door is not closed properly.

If you don’t close the door properly, it will prevent the electricity from flowing, causing the dishwasher not to turn on.

Before starting the new cycle, ensure to close the door correctly. 

If the door of your Amana dishwasher is not closing, you need to fix that.

Here are the reasons why the door of the Amana dishwasher won’t close:

  • Protruding dishwasher racks: When dishes are loaded too tightly, the door won’t close. Inspect the racks for pans, spoons, or large utensils, which might prevent the door from closing. If you find any, realign it. You can also read the user manual to learn how to load the dishes.
  • Faulty strike plate: Strike plate is located on the top of the plate at the frame. Sometimes, this strike plate may lose its sturdiness or be misplaced. In that case, the door latch won’t lock in the right place. Thus, the door won’t close. If this is not the issue, the strike plate can be rusty, and you may have to replace it.  
  • Door spring issue: The spring in the door may be misaligned, preventing the door’s latch from locking into the dishwasher. In this case, the machine won’t start as the sensor will remain inactive due to the improper locking of the latch. Replace the door spring to avoid this issue.
  • Gasket fault: You can find the gasket at the inner edge of the door. It prevents the water from flowing if the latch is locked. The gasket set gets loosened, especially in the age-old machines which will not let the door close. It would help if you replaced it. It isn’t that hard. Consider consulting the manual to make the process easy.

Examine your dishwasher for these issues and fix this.

And then you will be able to close the door properly.

2. Your dishwasher might not be plugged in

If you find that the buttons of your Amana dishwasher are not working, check if the dishwasher is plugged in with the electrical outlet that has a proper flow of electricity.

If the circuit switch is tripped, electricity won’t flow to the outlet. 

This will prevent the dishwasher from turning on.

It is a simple issue you can fix quickly.

3. Malfunctioning door switch

Even if the door is closed, the dishwasher won’t turn on in case of a faulty door switch.

The door switch enables the functions like washing, drying, and draining.

The proper functioning of this switch is significant for the dishwasher to turn on.

Test the switch by following the methods listed below:

  • Damaged prong: Inside the dishwasher tub, a prong will connect with the switch to activate it. When this prong is misplaced or damaged, the switch won’t activate. If you find it rusty or damaged, replace it with a new one.
  • Locate the door switch: Remove the control panel to access the switch by removing the screws. Be careful about not removing the screws at the bottom of the door. 
  • Remove the smaller panel to access the exact location of the switch.
  • Remove all the wires attached to the switch after ensuring the electricity is disconnected.
  • Now check the switch with the multimeter for its continuity. Keep the multimeter reading at the scale of Rx1.
  • Now while checking, the meter should show the reading of the zero ohms, which means the continuity is present. If it shows infinity, it’s the sign of a faulty switch with no continuity.
  • In such a case, replace the switch with a new one. 

Consider using the user manual while replacing the switch for a hassle-free experience.

4. Door latch issue

The door latch is the inner part that holds the door closed while communicating with a dishwasher with a sensor.

It sends a signal when the door is closed.

Only then will you activate the dishwasher.

If the door latch is found faulty, it may be the reason why your Amana dishwasher does not turn on. 

These are the possible way of finding the faulty dishwasher: 

  • Jammed latch: If you use the dishwasher frequently, you may deposit food particles and greasy gunk on the latch. This won’t let the latch lock, and thus the door won’t close.
  • Broken latch: In age-old machines, you can find the fractured latch causing the locking issues and preventing the dishwashers from turning on. You can fix this easily by replacing the faulty latch with a new one.
  • Child latch: A child safety lock in your Amana dishwasher might be enabled, which can cause this issue. Check for this switch which will be inside the door. Switching off this will solve this issue.

You can use the multimeter to check for the continuity of the latch.

5. Faulty touchpad

The touchpad is responsible for operating the essential functions of the dishwashers.

If it’s faulty, the dishwasher won’t turn on.

The switches on the touchpad may be broken or don’t respond.

In such cases, locate the touchpad.

With the help of the user manual, you can access the touchpad.

Test for any fault, and if you find any, you can replace it with a new one. 

Make sure you purchase the new touchpad from a good company.

6. Thermal fuse fault

If you are wondering what a thermal fuse is, it is the element that controls the temperature of your Amana dishwasher by turning it off when overheating happens.

If the thermal fuse is faulty, the dishwasher may not turn on.

In such cases, you need to replace it. 

Here is how you can locate the thermal fuse:

  • You can find the thermal fuse with the two wires attached at the top side of the control board assembly.
  • Before locating it, make sure the electricity connection is turned off.
  • Keep the tools handy to remove the screws from the inner panel, which keeps the control board attached to the front door.
  • Don’t take off the control panel completely.
  • Move the control panel forward to access the thermal fuse of your Amana dishwasher.
  • You can find a thermal fuse mounted on the control board assembly.
  • Press against the locking tabs to remove the thermal fuse.
  • Before pulling out, remove the wires from the thermal fuse. 
  • Check with a multimeter to confirm its connectivity. If you find it faulty, replace it.
  • Connect those wires with the new thermal fuse and pull them towards the locking tabs.
  • Secure the control board with the doors. 

Now check if your Amana dishwasher is turning on.

If this is the issue, it will turn on and run smoothly.

If not, check for other possible issues.

7. Drive motor fault

If your dishwasher makes sounds during a wash cycle that you had before this issue, there might be a fault in the dishwasher’s motor. 

If the motor is damaged, it won’t supply water to the dishwasher.

You should replace the motor of your dishwasher. 

Here is how you can locate the motor:

  • Locate the motor on the lateral side of the lower access panel.
  •  Remove the screws that are securing the panel with the door. 
  • After locating the motor, take the motor out by disconnecting the wires.
  • As the next step, check it with the multimeter.
  • Keep the multimeter setting at Rx1. 
  • The reading must show little or zero resistance. 
  • Next, check the ground connection. You should not see any readings at the multimeter.

If your motor fails at these two tests, consider replacing it.

Hire a professional to make the process easy.

8. Water supply

The dishwasher won’t turn if there is an improper water supply.

Make sure the hot water is supplied to your Amana dishwasher.

The temperature of hot water should be 120°F.

Adjust the temperature of your water heater to 120°F.

Also, check if the valve allowing the water is in working condition. 

If the valve is stuck, consider replacing it. 

9. Control board fault

This fault rarely occurs.

Check the issues mentioned above before checking the control board. 

The control board performs the function of monitoring the various components of the dishwashers.

If the control board is at fault, the dishwasher won’t function.

Here is how you can fix the control board issue:

  • Ensure the disconnection of electricity from the dishwasher. 
  • Remove the screws from the panel.
  • Now you can see a control panel box, locate it and now open the box.
  • Remove the main control board, soap dispenser activator, and door switch. 
  • Disconnect all the wirings from the touchpad.
  • Take the touchpad out of the exterior side. 
  • Disconnect all the ribbons connected to the faulty control board. 
  • Place the new control board and screw the touchpad into the board. 
  • Place the new control board and connect all the wires to it. Cover the board with the cover by securing it with the screws. 
  • Now place the cover of the interior door to fix the door. 

You can either fix this by yourself or seek a professional’s help to make it easier and more effective.

10. Timer issue

The timer’s purpose in the dishwasher is to supply power to the specific part of the dishwasher at the right time.

Sometimes the timer may be at fault.

In such cases, the Amana dishwasher won’t switch on because the timer will fail to supply the required voltage to perform the function.

You can check the timer with the multimeter to monitor its continuity. 

You need to call a professional to fix the timer issue because it demands technical knowledge. 

These are the major reasons why your Amana dishwasher is not turning on.

Other options in the Amana dishwasher, like sleep mode and delayed washing mode, may also prevent the dishwasher from turning on. 

Is there a reset button on my Amana dishwasher?

Yes, you will find the reset button on the control panel.

Press this button and wait for 2 minutes.

Then you can start a new cycle to check if it works.

If your dishwasher is connected to the outlet, disconnect it for a few minutes and reconnect it.

You can also turn off the breaker for a couple of minutes and turn it on. 

Sometimes, a simple restart will also fix the issue of your Amana dishwasher not turning on.

If your dishwasher is not turning on, but the lights are on, it may be due to the careless pressing of the start button a couple of times.

This will restart the cycle causing the dishwasher to turn off.

Wait until the dishwasher has this cycle of 90 seconds. 

I hope that now you have enough knowledge about why your Amana dishwasher is not turning on.

If you cannot fix this issue even after trying the possible methods, or if you feel you need help from an expert, call a plumber to fix this issue efficiently.

Reference: Amana Official Troubleshooting

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