What To Do When TCL TV Won’t Turn On? (10 Easy Fix)

There is no denying that TCL TVs are a good TV brand. Their trustworthiness is reflected in the TV quality. But sometimes, the TCL TV won’t turn on. This can happen with any other brand, but today’s topic concerns TCL TV and what to do if it doesn’t turn on. 

Your TCL TV might not turn on due to several reasons, like remote-related troubles, the power supply, hardware issues, outdated software, or input source problems. While there are solutions, use a power cycle or reset your TV as a last resort if you cannot fix these issues. 

There are numerous reasons why the TCL TV is not turning on. Are you facing the same issue? Then, please read this article till the end to learn what to do when it does not turn on and how to prevent it further. 

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Initial Checks

TCL TV not turning on can result from many difficulties, like power supply issues, outdated software, hardware issues, or incorrect input sources. 

Whatever the reason is, there is always a solution to the problem. 

The TCL customer support team will always help you if there isn’t. 

Checking for Indicator Lights

You will find a status LED on your TV’s bezel, bottom middle side.

Every TCL Smart TV will have this feature that helps users diagnose what is happening with your TV. 

With these indicator lights, you can identify whether your TV is turning on or something is troubling. 

The status lights are like this:

  • Solid white – TV is off or in standby mode. 
  • Off or blinking – The TV is on. 

Point the remote at your TV and press any button. This should make the light blink if the TV is on.

If you do not find any light or blinking while operating it with the remote, your TV has some issues. 

Let’s see what we can do when the TV doesn’t turn on.

Power Source and Outlet

The power source is one of the most common problems when the TCL TV does not turn on. 

We often overlook this problem and think something is wrong with the TV or the remote. 

The proper connectivity of the power cord and the outlet is the first measure you take. 

Connect the TV’s power cord to the outlet and keep it tightly plugged in. 

Also, check that the cord is correctly connected to the TV. 

If unsure, unplug and replug it again securely. 

You can hold down the power button for 10-15 seconds to turn off the TV if it doesn’t work. 

After 15 seconds, press and hold the power button again to turn the TV on.

It is also possible that the outlet is out of work. 

To check this, try plugging another appliance into the outlet or your TV’s cord into another outlet. 

If the appliance in the same outlet does not work, and the TV starts after plugging the cord into another outlet, the outlet is faulty. 

You need to contact an electrician to get the outlet fixed. 

Remote Control Issues

If the standby light turns on, but your TV’s screen is not turning on, chances are that your remote is the issue. 

Either you have dead batteries, or the remote is out of service. 

If you recently changed the batteries, there must be some problem with the remote service. 

Try power cycling your TCL TV’s remote once:

  1. Open the battery compartment and take out both the batteries.
  2. Now press and hold the power button of your remote for 30 seconds. 
  3. Release it and leave the remote without batteries for 2-3 minutes. 
  4. After some time, put the batteries back in the right direction and start turning on your TV. 

If the remote still does not work, either the remote has gone bad or there are other issues. 

Another problem could be a blocked IR signal. However, dealing with this problem is very simple:

  1. Remove the blocking between the remote’s IR blaster and the TV’s receiver. 
  2. Check if the TV’s receiver is not responding to the remote’s input. 
  3. If it responds, you have solved the issue. 

Inspecting the cable connections 

 Frayed cables could be why your TCL is not turning on. 

Over time, the cables can become frayed or break down due to regular use and stress. 

If your TCL TV is not turning on, check every cable connected. 

If you find any damage or fraying, you will require a replacement of these cables. 

Another thing to look at is whether you have recently moved your TV. 

When doing this, you must remove all the cords and cables from the TV. 

Maybe some got loose while you were reconnecting them back. 

This mainly includes the power cord, the HDMI, and the AV cords. 

If the power cord seems loose, check and appropriately plug in the cord. 

Do the same for the other cables. 

Also, check that you have connected every cord and cable at the correct locations. 

Ensure not to turn on the power when dealing with these cords and cables. You might receive a fatal shock. 

So, be cautious. 

Electrical Surges and Surge Protectors

If your TCL TV is not turning on, try removing the surge protectors. Maybe they are broken or damaged. 

That is why your TV is not getting enough power to turn on. 

It isn’t a foolproof fix, but if the problem is with the damaged surge protectors, removing the TV plug and plugging it into a different socket might solve it. 

Plug the TV into the wall’s electrical outlet. 

If the TV turns on, the surge protector is faulty. 

Buy a new surge protector and then connect the TV back to it. 

Some TCL TVs will have built-in surge protection or power-saving features that prevent the TV from turning on immediately after a power outage or surge. 

In that case, wait a few minutes before turning on the TV. 

Software Updates

Software bugs can create power-up problems, especially when your TV model is very old. 

If your device misses any new update, it can stop the TV from turning on. 

In such a condition, you need to download the latest software. 

Follow these steps:

  1. On the computer, go to TCL’s official website. 
  2. Go to the SUPPORT AND DOWNLOAD page. 
  3. Check whether you can find your device in the search bar. 
  4. Type in the product reference of the TV’s model. 
  5. Click on the SOFTWARE tab. 
  6. Download the file and copy it on an external file. 
  7. Plug the external device into the TCL TV with the device off. 
  8. Now, power your device and see if the LED indicator turns red. 
  9. Wait for download prompts before proceeding to the next update. 
  10. Follow the instructions and complete the update. 
  11. Now, try turning on your TCL TV. 

If it turns on, you have successfully updated the software.

Inspecting Internal Components and Hardware issues 

Damage to the internet components on the TCL TV might not allow the TV to turn on. 

If you suspect any damage to the internal components, you should contact the support team or a good technician. 

Troubleshooting the problem yourself can give rise to other issues, and your warranty can be void if the TV has any. 

Besides, it can also give rise to other problems you will be unaware of. 

Expert technicians will check the circuit boards for power issues and fix the components as required. 

Let’s see which internal parts stop the TV from turning on. 

Burned power board 

The TCL TV’s power board is the one causing your TV to not turn on. 

To find it out, you have to disassemble the TV, which is quite an effort.

Instead, if you suspect that the board is faulty, try turning on your TV while constantly disconnecting the cable connecting the motherboard to the board. 

If the power board is good and the white or red light lights up after you detach the motherboard, the problem is with the TV. 

The power boards and motherboards are affordable. 

But you must get the right one by matching the serial number to the broken part. 

Take your TV to an expert technician to fix it. 

Broken LED backlight panel 

A broken LED backlight panel can also stop your TCL from turning on. 

The mid-range TCL TVs do not have OLED panels and use the old technology that helps light up the display with the backlight LED technology. 

To check the problem, shine a flashlight straight at your TV screen when it is powered ON. 

It will help to know whether the backlight panel is the issue. 

If the TV causes the colors to be excessively dim, the backlight LED panel is broken. 

Hire a technician to get the panel replaced. 

Broken LCD capacitors 

Another internal component issue to look at is the LCD capacitors. 

Broken or damaged capacitors may not allow your TCL TV to turn on. 

Unfortunately, problems like these are hard to deal with. 

That is why I suggest hiring an expert technician to fix this problem. 

I have seen a lot of TCL owners fixing the broken capacitors on their own. 

That is entirely doable, provided you have knowledge and previous experience with disassembling the TV, accessing the internal parts, and fixing them. 

I have also done some DIYs where I have fixed some reflectors and diffuser lenses of other TVs. 

But I have never tried anything with the capacitors. 

Capacitors can store enough electrical energy. 

If not handled with care, there are chances of an electric shock. 

So, I do not take the risk of doing anything with them. 

If I ever have any problem with the capacitors, I would hire an expert and recommend you do the same. 

Try connecting it to the correct input source

Connecting your TV with and to the correct input source is very important. Otherwise, your TV may not turn on. 

If your TV is not turning on for this reason, you have to check the connected input devices, like the streaming devices, the DVD players, the HDMI ports, and other things. 

Some TCL TV models work with HDMI 2. 

In that case, if you connect your TV to the normal HDMI, your TV may not turn on. 

Here are some methods to select the correct input source:

Method 1 

  1. Press the power button and turn on your TV. 
  2. Press the Source button on the remote. 
  3. Now select the desired input. 

Method 2 

Follow this when your TV is still working to avoid future issues. 

  1. Turn on the TV. 
  2. Press the MENU button on the side or bottom of the TV. 
  3. Use the Volume button to navigate to the source option 
  4. Press the MENU button to select the desired input source. 

In some models, you will find the source button at the back or side of the TV. You can use it to select the correct input source.

Power Cycling the TV

You can either try this before you check for other critical conditions or after your critical conditions are not working. 

I usually do this initially before shifting to the other troubleshooting steps. 

Sometimes, some temporary glitches can make your TCL TV not turn on. 

If that’s the case, power cycling can resolve this issue. 

Before you start, remove all the electric power cords from your TV. 

Then, follow the following steps:

  1. Unplug your TCL TV from the power source. 
  2. Press and hold the power button of the TV for a minute to turn on the TV. This will drain all the residual power from the capacitors. 
  3. Now turn on the TV by plugging in the power cable. 
  4. You have power-cycled your TV, and you can now watch it seamlessly. 

If your TCL TV is still not turning on, it is time to factory reset it. 

Resetting the TV

This should be done as a last resort. 

Remember that conducting this process will eliminate your customized settings and preferences. 

Once you reset and turn on your TV, you have to set the new settings according to your preferences again. 

Now, let’s look at the steps to reset the TV. 

Hard reset without the remote 

To reset without the remote:

  1. Ensure that your TV is plugged into a working electrical outlet. 
  2. Press the TV’s reset button. Most TVs will have this reset button. Try checking the USB ports. It will be somewhere near them. 
  3. You may need to use a paperclip, pin, needle, or pen to press the reset button because the reset button will be hidden within a tiny hole. You can identify it because there will be written RESET somewhere near it. 
  4. Press and hold the button for 20 seconds. 

If it is done successfully, your TV will turn on with the original settings. 

Resetting with the remote 

  1. Go to SETTINGS. 
  3. Again, scroll and find the RESET option. 
  4. Select FACTORY RESET.
  6. It will ask for a default PIN, which should be 1234, provided you haven’t changed it. 
  7. The status light will blink, and the TV will reset and restart after a few seconds. 

Using the TV buttons 

  1. Press and hold the VOLUME UP and MENU button at the back or side of your TV. If you do not have the MENU button, use the INPUT button. 
  2. While holding these buttons, press and release the POWER button. 
  3. Hold it for 5 seconds and release the other two buttons. 
  4. Press the TV’s power button and check if it has turned on. 

Reinstall the Firmware 

If you can arrange for the firmware from the TCL support, you can reinstall it to solve the problem. 

Do not use any firmware from third-party websites. It can cause security issues. 

TCL Customer Support

You should contact the TCL customer care service if your TCL TV still does not turn on after following these troubleshooting steps. 

Also, consider the warranty of the TCL TV. 

Your work will be done without charges if the appliance is under warranty. 

Contact the TCL support team and talk to them about your problem. 

You can contact them anytime you want. 

If you have purchased the TV from a local seller, you have to ask them to help you directly. 

Also, you can hire a TCL TV technician to find and fix the problem. 

Find one in your area or search on Google. 

If your TV still has life and one repair by the technician and fix it, there is no need to invest in buying another TV. 

So, contact the support team and experts before you buy another one. 

Preventive Measures

Proper care and maintenance of your TCL TV can reduce the risk of such issues and increase its lifespan:

  • Inspect the power cords and cables regularly and ensure a secure connection. Make sure they are securely connected to the outlets. If you find any damage, immediately repair or replace them. 
  • Keep the ports of your TV clean to avoid dust accumulation and loose cable connections. 
  • Keep the TCL TV’s software up to date for optimal performance. Install the software immediately after getting notifications about it to avoid glitches and compatibility issues. 
  • Use surge protectors to protect your TV from sudden surges and damages. Surges and voltage fluctuations can also stop your TCL TV from turning on. 
  • You can consider periodical resets or power cycling of your TCL TV to maintain its performance. A factory reset can solve various setting issues and software errors. 
  • Take good care of the remote control. Clean the sensors and change the batteries from time to time. 
  • Besides, a few settings do not allow your TCL TV to turn on. Adjust those settings to keep your TCL TV from this problem in the future:
  • Launch your TCL TV Settings and go to System → Power → Auto Power Savings. Disable all the options showing to stop the problem from happening again. 
  • Go to Settings → System → Power and Energy Settings. Disable the SCREENLESS SERVICE. 
  • Go to Settings → System → Power. Disable the FAST TV START. In some models, you will find QUICK START under Settings → More Settings → Device Preferences. 
  • Change the brightness to normal. TV Settings → Picture → Brightness. Please change it to NORMAL. 
  • Enable 1-touch System and Standby. Settings → System → Control Other Devices (CEC). In some models, you will find T-Link instead of CEC. Enable the option. Enable the 1-TOUCH PLAY AND SYSTEM STANDBY. In other TCL models, you can find other options in ARC and SYSTEM AUDIO CONTROL. Enable the option if your TV has one. 

Final thoughts

TCL TV not turning on can be very frustrating when you are just trying to relax while watching some of your favorite shows. Fortunately, we have lots of solutions for you. Try each troubleshooting step I have shared in this article to fix the problem. 

Try checking the power sources, changing the remote batteries, keeping the software and firmware updated, and connecting the TV to the correct input source. Try power cycling and resetting your TCL TV as a last resort. Some temporary glitches can create issues, and resetting can solve them to a great extent. 

If the problem is related to the hardware and internal components, call the TCL support team or hire a local expert technician to solve it. Consider following the preventive measures to stop the problem from further occurrence and enjoy content without any interference. 

Why is the TCL Android TV not turning on?

Check the cords and cable connections. If they are fine, unplug your TV, hold the power button for 2 minutes, and then plug back the TV. If this doesn’t work, try resetting.

Why is my TCL TV’s screen black, but the sound still works?

The problem lies in the cables connecting the TV to the power source or external devices. Or, the display unit of your TCL TV has been damaged. Clean the ports of your TV and reconnect the power cord. If that doesn’t help, the display unit needs to be fixed.

Reference: TCL TV Wikipedia

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