8 Common LG Washer Error Codes (+Quick Fix)

It is common for a washer to display error codes to communicate its faults and failings. Each error code indicates specific faults. If you use an LG washer and find error codes, you must know what the errors mean to fix the faults.

Error CodeDescription
FEWater is overflowing beyond the marked limit of the tank.
LEThe motor is locked.
OEDraining issues in the washer.
dEThe door is not latched/closed properly.
CLChild lock is activated.
UB/UEThe washer is out of balance.
tEThe thermistor is faulty.
SUDExcessive detergent that hinders the washer’s function.
Table showing common error codes of an LG washer and respective issues

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This article will help you understand the common error codes of an LG washer and show ways to fix the error codes. So, keep reading.

What are the common LG washer error codes? (+Quick Fix)

Error codes are displayed in the front panel of the LG washer as two or three letters codes.

Each error code indicates the specific error code in the washer.

If you use an LG washer, you must be aware of all the error codes to fix the issues that arise from time to time. 

Here are 8 common error codes and effective ways to fix them:

1. Error code FE

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It can be frustrating if your washer is stuck in the middle of the washing cycle and displays an FE error code.

Read on to learn the causes and possible solutions to this issue in your LG washer.

FE error code appears in the LG washer’s control panel when the water is overflowing beyond the marked limit of the tank.

There are several reasons for the FE error in the LG washer.

Below are some causes of the FE error code in the LG washer and quick fixes.

Malfunctioning water inlet valve

A water inlet valve is located on the back side of your washing machine.

It is designed in a way that it opens and closes to allow the water to flow into the tub of the washer when it receives certain electric signals.

If the water inlet valve is damaged or loses flexibility, it blocks or overfills the washer’s tub.

If it is stuck open, water will start to overflow beyond the limit resulting in the FE error code in your washer.

To fix this issue, you should replace the water inlet valve of your washer.

Using low-quality or wrong detergent

If you use a high-efficiency washing machine, you must use a specially designed detergent.

Using a low-quality detergent will cause damage to your appliance and also reduces the spark of your clothes.

Another common mistake that people make is using too much detergent. 

Using excessive detergent will cause overflow in your washer, resulting in the FE error code. 

To fix this issue, use a specific detergent in the right amount.

Clogged drain pipe

Dirty water from the clothes is expelled through the drain pipe.

In the long run, a drain pipe may accumulate dirt and debris, which blocks the water flow. 

If the water is not draining from the drain pipe, it will return to the tub, causing the overflow.

It might be a reason for the display of the FE error code. 

To fix this issue, you must unclog the drain pipe to enhance the draining.

A faulty water level pressure switch

You can find the pressure switch at the top of your washer.

It monitors the water lever of the washer and signals it to the control panel. 

If the water is filled to the desired level, it will shut off the valve to prevent overflow. 

Replace the water level pressure switch if it is damaged.

You can also fix the issue by resetting your LG washer if control panel glitches are causing the error code.

Unplug the washer from the electric outlet.

Wait for 5 to 10 minutes. 

After 10 minutes, plug in the washer. 

The reset is complete.

Check if the error code has disappeared. 

2. Error code LE

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When the LE error code is displayed in your LG washer’s control panel, it indicates that your motor is locked.

It also occurs if the hall sensor is damaged. 

Follow the steps to clear the LE error code in your LG dishwasher:

Inspect the rotor of your washer.

A rotor is a part of the rotating mechanism in the washer.

If the rotor is damaged, a washer won’t run as it should, and the motor of it will also get stuck. 

Check the condition of the rotor in your LG washer and replace it if you find it damaged. 

Follow the steps below to replace the rotor:

  • Disconnect the washer from the electric and water supply. To disconnect the water supply, turn off the water supply valve and remove all the water supply lines from the washer.
  • Access the back panel of your washer and disconnect it by removing the screws securing it.
  • You can locate the rotor at the base of the washer’s tub. Disconnect the rotor by unscrewing the bolt connecting the tub shaft and rotor.
  • Disconnect the rotor and check if it is defective.
  • Suppose the teeth of the rotor are stripped. You must replace the rotor completely. 
  • Replace it and detach the back panel.
  • Reconnect the water supply and plug in the washer.
  • Press the start button and check if the LE error code is cleared. 

Check the hall sensor of your LG washer.

A hall sensor is commonly referred to as a rotor position center.

The main purpose of the hall sensor is to determine the rotation speed of the motor.

According to the load of the washing cycle, a hall sensor signals the control unit to maintain the rotation of the drum and motor, preventing the washer from getting off-balanced. 

If the hall sensor becomes defective, a washer motor won’t rotate, resulting in the LE error code in the control panel.

  • To fix this issue, you must replace the hall sensor.
  • Remove the back panel of your washer.
  • Locate the rotor and disconnect it by removing the bolts and screws.
  • You can locate the stator after removing the rotor unit.
  • Loosen the stator by unscrewing the bolts and securing it in a position.
  • Fold the stator to locate the hall sensor.
  • Remove the hall sensor from the washer by disconnecting the wire harness.
  • Check if the hall sensor is damaged.
  • Replace the old hall sensor with the new one and connect it to the wire harness.
  • Reattach the rotor unit and secure the stator with bolts.
  • Reattach the back panel and secure it with screws.
  • Replug the washer with the electric unit and check if the LE error has disappeared. 
  • Try resetting your LG washer if these fixes don’t clear the error code. It will help to clear the error code if minor issues are causing the LE error code. 

3. Error code OE

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OE error codes in the LG washer appear when there are draining issues in the washer.

To fix this issue, you must figure out why your washer is not draining. 

To give you an idea, here are some reasons why your LG washer won’t drain properly.

Clogged pump filter

The pump filter is located on the front side of the washer.

It protects the pump from getting clogged with dirt and debris. 

OE error code occurred when the pump filter got clogged.

A clogged pump filter will cause the draining issue. 

Cleaning and unclogging the pump filter can clear the OE error code.

Drain pump issues

A drain pump expels the water from the washer to the drain hose.

Suppose the drain pump is not working.

It won’t pump the water out of the washer, causing draining issues. 

As a result, the OE error code will display in the LG washers control panel. 

To fix the issue, you must replace the drain pump if it seems damaged.

A clogged drain hose

If your washer has draining issues, check if a drain hose might be knicked or clogged.

To fix this issue, check if the drain hose is kinked.

Straightening it will regulate the water flow. 

As a next step, check if it is clogged with dirt and debris. 

Disconnect the drain hose from the washer and run it under the water. Prepare a vinegar solution to run through the hose. A vinegar solution will help to unclog the drain hose. 

Also, check if the drain hose is correctly installed to facilitate smooth water flow during the rinsing cycle. 

Follow the steps mentioned above to solve the draining issues in your washer. And also reset the washer. 

4. Error code dE

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If the door is not latched with the washer, it will display the dE error code on the control panel. 

Common causes of dE error code are:

  • A faulty door latch assembly.
  • A spring in the door of the washer is worn out. 
  • The power on or start button in the washer’s control panel is not working. 
  • A lock assembly has a damaged lid lock. 

To fix this issue, replace the defective parts.

Consider resetting your LG washer to clear the minor glitches causing the error code. 

5. Error code CL

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If your LG washer is not getting started while displaying the CL code in the control panel, it indicates that the child lock is enabled. 

With this, you can understand that the cl code is not an error. 

If the child lock is activated, buttons on the washer’s control panel will not respond to the commands. 

It is useful to prevent the washing machine from getting operated by children accidentally. 

The mindless operation will break the appliance because the washer is sensitive and multi-operational. 

You can clear this error code by deactivating the child lock in your LG washer. 

Locate the child lock button on the control panel.

Press and hold the child lock button for 3 seconds to deactivate it. 

If there is no dedicated button for the child lock feature in your washer, you can deactivate it by pressing the following buttons simultaneously.

  • Temperature + option button 
  • Prewash + super rinsing. 
  • Additional washing + Intensive washing.

If the cl lock is not still deactivated, reset your LG washer.

Resetting it will help the washer to clear the Cl lock.

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6. Error code UB/UE

UB/UE error code displays in the control panel when your LG washer is out of balance.

To clear the error code, you must figure out the cause and solve it as soon as possible.

If a washer is out of balance, it may cause hazards to people operating it. 

Common causes of UB/UE error codes in the LG washer: 

  • Your washer is not placed on a leveled surface. 
  • You have overloaded the washer’s tub with heavy clothes. 
  • The clothes are tangled. 

You can fix this issue by following the steps below. 

Balance the washer’s load

If the clothes are tangled and start settling on one side of the washer, it will cause an off-balance. 

To fix this issue, manually detangle the clothes.

While loading clothes in the tub, categorize the clothes to avoid detangling. 

Avoid overloading the washer.

Manually remove some clothes if the washer is stuck displaying the UB error code. 

Loading only one or a few clothes in the washer will cause the washer to get off-balanced. 

Consider referring to the user manual to understand the load capacity of your washer.

It will help you prevent overloading it next time. 

Check if your washer is placed on a leveled surface.

If you have moved the LG washer to the new location, you may have placed it on an unlevel surface.

You can use a level tool to check if your washer is placed on a leveled surface.

If the washer is not placed on a leveled surface, you can adjust the washer’s leg to prevent it from getting off-balanced.

Using a wrench, adjust the legs of the washer.

And if the floor is slippery, use a non-slip pad under the legs to bring balance while operating it.

7. Error code tE

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tE error code in the LG washer indicated that the thermistor is faulty.

A thermistor in the washer monitors and regulates the temperature during the washing and rinsing cycle. 

You can clear the error code by following the steps below:

  • Disconnect the power supply from the washer.
  • Wait for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • After 10 minutes, plug the washer into the electric outlet.
  • Press the start button.
  • Locate the spin speed button and press it for 3 seconds until no spin is displayed in the control panel. 

It will help to drain the water and clear the tE error code in the dishwasher.

8. Error code “SUD.”

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The SUD error code in the LG washer means that too much SUD is produced in the drum due to excessive detergent, which hinders the washer’s function.

The good part is an LG washer will run the rinse cycle automatically to solve the issue. 

All you have to do is to leave the washer undisturbed until the error code disappears.

Final thoughts

Error codes in the LG washer communicate specific faults. If your LG washer displays a particular error, you must know what it indicates to fix the issue. 

The error code differs based on the brand of the washer. So, consider referring to the user manual to understand what an error code indicates. 

This article discusses 8 common error codes in the LG washer and how you can clear them. Follow the steps mentioned in the article to clear the error codes. Resetting a washer will help to solve the minor control panel issue causing the error codes. 

Seek professional help if you can’t solve the error code, even after taking the necessary steps.


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