Reset Your Whirlpool Refrigerator In 6 Easy Steps (Within Minutes)

Experiencing issues with your Whirlpool refrigerator? Learn how to reset it quickly and effectively in just a few simple steps. Whether you’re dealing with electrical glitches or want to reset specific parts, this article provides a clear guide to get your Whirlpool refrigerator back on track. Let’s dive into the 6 easy steps for a hassle-free reset.

You can reset your Whirlpool refrigerator by disconnecting it from the electric outlet and letting it sit for 10 minutes. And reconnect the refrigerator to the electric outlet to complete the reset process. You can also reset it by pressing the filter and lock buttons simultaneously.

Let’s discuss the 6 easy steps to reset your Whirlpool refrigerator. Continue reading the article to reset specific refrigerators’ specific parts.

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6 easy steps to reset your Whirlpool refrigerator

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Follow these easy six steps to reset the Whirlpool refrigerator.

Step 1: Disconnect the power.

Move the refrigerator forward to access the electric outlet.

Disconnect the refrigerator from the electric outlet.

If your refrigerator is hard-wired, turn off the circuit breaker.

While completely disconnecting the refrigerator from the electric supply, it will undergo a reboot process.

It will also help the refrigerator re-energize its framework and will solve errors and minor blunders.

Step 2: Let it stay disconnected for 10 minutes.

Let the refrigerator stay disconnected for 10 minutes to give it time to shut off from the electric supply.

Even when an appliance like the refrigerator is disconnected from the electric outlet, it will take at least 10 minutes to shut off completely.

Step 3: Reconnect the power

Replug the refrigerator with the electric outlet.

While doing so, you will hear the banging sound, which indicates that the motor and the compressor in the refrigerator have started functioning.

You have to think that it’s normal.

Step 4: Press these two buttons. (Filter and lock buttons)

You can reset your refrigerator in this way to bring back its cooling capacity.

Locate the filter and lock buttons on the control board.

Press and hold them simultaneously for 3 seconds.

Step 5: Press these two buttons. (Temperature and the door switch button)

If the control panel still needs to be fixed, you must follow this step to fix it.

Locate the door switch in the refrigerator. You can find in the sidewall of the unit a white color switch.

And you can find the temperature button on the dispenser panel of the refrigerator.

Press and hold the temperature and the door switch button for 3 seconds to complete the reset. 

After this step, you can see a symbol ‘’E’’ on the ice chest board, which indicates that the reset is complete.

Step 6: Temperature(+)button

Now locate the temperature + button and press it.

It will help to switch on the administration mode in the refrigerator. 

You can see the symbol 1 on the cooler board indicating that the reset is complete. 

How do I reset my Whirlpool refrigerator after changing the filter?

Water filters purify the water coming from the city water supply.

It removes the water’s contamination and dirt before forming ice cubes. 

It is important to change the water filter once every six months to maintain its efficiency of filtering the water. 

After every replacement, you must reset the water filter to align with the refrigerator. 

Here is how you can reset the water filter in the Whirlpool refrigerator:

  • Press the water filter button on the refrigerator to reset the water filter light. You can locate the water filter button inside the refrigerator, or in some models, you can find it in the door. As the location of the filter button is different for different models, consider referring to the user manual.
  • Press the button for at least 3 seconds until you hear a beep sound.
  • After the reset has been completed, the color of the filter light will change from orange to blue. 

If you have a front door and bottom mount whirlpool refrigerator, you cannot reset the water filter with the above method.

To reset it, you must press and hold the energy saver and the fast cool button.

Press it until you hear the beep sound, and the reset is complete.

Steps to reset the Whirlpool control panel

Being the brain of the refrigerator, a control panel maintains all the functions in the refrigerator.

If you are facing issues in your refrigerator, a glitch in the control panel may be the reason. 

Here is how you can reset the Whirlpool control panel:

  • You can easily reset the control panel by pressing the door switch and the temperature button.
  • You can find the door switch when you open the refrigerator door.
  • Press and hold these two buttons for 3 seconds to rest the control panel.
  • You can confirm that the reset is complete by seeing the letter ‘’S’’ displayed in the freezer panel and the letter ‘’e’’ in the refrigerator panel. 

Steps to reset the Whirlpool ice maker

Before beginning the reset in the ice maker, disconnect the water supply from the freezer.

  • You must skip it to prevent the water flow during the reset process. 
  • Locate the ice compartment and detach it from the ice maker assembly.
  • Look inside and outside the ice maker assembly to find the reset button.
  • Usually, you can find it at the bottom of the ice maker assembly. As the location of the reset button changes according to the model, consider referring to the user manual to locate the reset button.
  • Push and hold the reset button in the ice maker assembly for 5 to 10 seconds to complete the process.

Steps to reset the Whirlpool refrigerator defrost timer:

A defrost timer is located on the back side of the refrigerator.

  • Access the lower kick plate at the rear side of the refrigerator.
  • Disconnect the power supply from the refrigerator and, using a screwdriver, remove the lower kick plate.
  • Locate the timer and disconnect it from the refrigerator, as you need to check it with the multimeter before you begin the reset.
  • Using a multimeter, test the defrost timer. Replace it if you find it faulty.
  • Reattach the defrost timer to the refrigerator and begin the reset process.
  • You can reset the timer by rotating the notch of it in an anticlockwise direction.
  • Continue to rotate the notch using a flat screwdriver, and stop the rotation when the fan stops. 

Steps to reset your Whirlpool refrigerator after the power outage

When a power outage occurs, you must reset the refrigerator after power returns to bring it to turn on its cooling feature. 

You can simply reset the refrigerator after the power outage by pressing the filter and lock buttons for 3 seconds simultaneously. 

You will hear the beep sound indicating the successful completion of the reset process.

Signs your Whirlpool refrigerators need a reset

The refrigerator is the heart of the kitchen.

If you are someone handling the kitchen activities, you must know the signs when you must reset the refrigerator.

Even though resetting is an effective method to solve minor issues, you must not reset the refrigerator unnecessarily.

Reset the refrigerator only when it is necessary. 

To know when you need to reset the refrigerator, here are some signs indicating that your Whirlpool refrigerator needs a reset.

1. If your refrigerator is in sabbath mode

Sabbath mode in the whirlpool refrigerator means it enables the opening and closing of the refrigerator door.

Sabbath mode is beneficial to give a peaceful environment to your family while the refrigerator is still cooling.

This mode is especially relevant for Judaism people whose religion doesn’t allow them to switch on and off the appliance during festive occasions.

You can access the stuff inside the refrigerator.

But the lights and the control panel will be shut off.

You can deactivate the sabbath mode in the Whirlpool refrigerator by pressing the sabbath button for 3 seconds.

If the refrigerator is still stuck in the sabbath mode, consider doing a reset.

2. When your refrigerator has a power supply issue

When there is a power supply issue in your refrigerator, its efficiency reduces automatically.

Sometimes your refrigerators won’t start due to the inappropriate power supply. 

Several issues contribute to this fault.

You may not have plugged the refrigerator properly, or the power cord is damaged.

Also, check the motor and compressor of the refrigerator to see if they are functioning well.

Before beginning the repair process, reset the refrigerator and see if your refrigerator starts to get enough power supply.

You must start inspecting the motor and the compressor only after the reset hasn’t been solved. 

Many times doing a reset will help to restore the power required to run the refrigerator smoothly.

3. If the child lock feature is switched on

Modern refrigerators are advanced and have several smart features to make refrigerators even more beneficial. 

As the control panel governs all the smart features, slight accidental operations will interrupt the functions of the refrigerators. 

All the Whirlpool refrigerators have the child lock feature. 

You can switch on the child lock mode to prevent the children from operating it when you are away from the kitchen. 

But the issue arises when you are sure none in your family or you have switched it on, and your refrigerator automatically goes to child lock mode.

It happens at times when the control panel glitches occur.

Initially, try to deactivate the child lock by pressing the child lock button for 3 seconds.

Check if the control panel responds after deactivating the child lock feature. 

Or else consider resetting the control panel and the refrigerator to fix the issue.

4. Your refrigerator is stuck in the demo mode

When you have just purchased the new Whirlpool refrigerator and notice the light blowing inside but not cooling, it means the demo mode is still activated. 

If that’s not the situation in your case and your refrigerator is stuck in the demo mode, you have to deactivate the demo mode. 

While the demo mode is active in a refrigerator, the cooling system is deactivated, but the interior lights and control panel will work as usual.

It is usually indicated by the symbol ‘’OFF’’ in the control panel. 

A reset will help to fix the above issue.

5. If your refrigerator is in energy-saving mode

The refrigerator’s energy-saving feature helps reduce the power cost by up to 10%.

But if the energy-saving option is continuously switched on, it may cause condensation in the freezer door. 

You must deactivate the energy-saving mode by pressing the energy-saver button for 3 seconds to turn it off.

After turning it off, you must reset the Whirlpool refrigerator to bring it back to normal condition. 

6. If the temperature inside your refrigerator fluctuates

Temperature fluctuation mostly occurs due to dirty compressor coils, glitches in the electrical components, clogged vents, and faulty thermostats.

Clean the dirty compressor coils to see if the temperature fluctuation settles.

You can fix this issue by resetting the refrigerator if the glitches in the electric components, a thermostat issue, or a dirty compressor causing the issue.

In case of a clogged vent, you need to unclog it to stabilize the temperature inside the refrigerator manually.

7. If the touchpad in your refrigerator is not responding

A minor wire connection issue and control panel glitches freeze the touchpad in your refrigerator.

You can fix this issue by setting the control panel of the refrigerator. 

8. If the timer is stuck in your refrigerator

The timer controls the defrost activity in the freezer.

It regulates the frost build-up in the freezer. 

If the excess ice starts building up in the freezer, a timer will automatically monitor it to melt the excess ice. 

A timer could be a culprit when you notice that the freezer ice build-up is not defrosted. 

You must reset the timer to fix this issue.

Final thoughts

Follow the 6 easy steps mentioned above to reset your Whirlpool refrigerator. Reset the refrigerator only when you notice the signs, as I mentioned in the article.

A reset is effective and will solve the issues in the refrigerator; however, a simple reset cannot solve some issues. In such a case, you can seek advice from a professional to fix the issue.

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