How To Install Defiant Electronic Deadbolt?

The Defiant electronic deadbolts are the best-sold intelligent locks that increase your home security much more than houses with traditional locks. If you want to upgrade your house lock to electronic deadbolts, you must know how to install it. 

To install the lock, put the deadbolt latch inside the door’s hole, connect the wire to the battery compartment’s connector port in the backside, and tighten the assemblies with screws. Next, configure the codes for programming. 

It is just a brief. For a detailed step-by-step installation guide, follow this article till the end. Along with the installations, we will also share how to program the lock for basic functionality by configuring the codes and enhancing the security with additional features. 

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Understanding the components of an electronic deadbolt

Defiant locks have lately become popular smart locks in the United States. 

It can improve and enhance home security to a great level. 

Additionally, they are easy to install, function, program, and repair. 

There are several advantages of Defiant electronic deadbolts, for example:

  • They are easy to use because you do not need any special training or tools to install them. By thoroughly following the manual, you can do it yourself.
  • The lock is durable because of the high-quality products used.
  • With such facilities, you can get Defiant locks at affordable prices, around $60.
  • The Defiant electronic bolts consist of the following components:
  • The battery cover covers the battery compartment of the lock. You remove the cover to replace the batteries.
  • The set button has most of the primary functions. More or less, all the programming will need this button.
  • The interior thumb turn helps to lock or unlock the door by turning the knob manually from the inside. 
  • The deadbolt latch extends from the door into the hole in the door frame. The latch helps to lock or unlock the door.
  • A metal backplate with several holes, some for screws, and a rectangular hole to pass the keypad’s cable.
  • The keypad with numbers is the component where you will put the codes to lock or unlock the door.

Gathering tools and materials needed for installation 

Installing a Defiant electronic deadbolt is straightforward. 

And one of the primary benefits of switching to electronic deadbolts is that you only need a few tools to install the lock. 

Tools needed:

  • A screwdriver. 
  • The interior and exterior assemblies, i.e., the keypad lock, the battery compartment with a knob at the bottom, and the cover. 
  • The deadbolt latch. 
  • Some Philip screws. 
  • A tape to measure the distance between the door edge and the center of the borehole. (optional)
  • 4 AA alkaline batteries

Measuring and preparing the door and the frame for the electronic deadbolt

Before installing the electronic deadbolt, some measurements and preparation are needed. 

First, you need to remove the old lock from the door. 

Unscrew the lock and the deadbolt latch from the door. 

Take the electronic lock’s manual, and you will find a diagram of a circle with some measurements. 

You need to measure the distance between the door edge and the door’s borehole to fit the door latch in it.

Usually, the door latch is preset to 2-⅜ inches, but you can extend it to 2-¾ inches according to the door’s need.

Though you can also use a measuring tape, the manual’s diagrams can quickly help you measure the distance. 

You will see two diagrams with two measurements: 2-⅜” and 2-¾”. 

Take the manual, bring the diagram, and put it precisely under the door’s hole. 

See which diagram of the circle matches the door’s hole and note down the measurement.

Based on the distance, you have to adjust and extend the latch.

Installing the Defiant electronic deadbolt

Installing a defiant electronic deadbolt is easy. It does not need any particular skill or expert’s help. 

However, you can still contact a professional if you do not feel confident. 

The lock comes with an installation manual. 

Though I will share the steps here, consult the manual with my guide for better knowledge. 

The step-by-step guide below explains how I have installed my Defiant electronic deadbolt:

Step 1: Install the deadbolt latch

The latch will lock and unlock the door. 

It comes with a preset measurement of 2-⅜ inches. 

But if the distance between the door edge and the center of the hole is 2-¾ inches, you can increase the latch size.

To extend the door latch, twist the small black screw-like structure with a small hole using a screwdriver to the left side. 

It will have a hole through which you will pass the keypad’s flat blade for attachment.

Then, twist and pull the latch to extend, twist it back, and retract the latch bolt.

When you install the latch bolt, ensure that the word UP faces upwards and you have retracted the bolt after extension. 

Now, pass the deadbolt through the door’s hole and attach it with two screws. 

Step 2: Install the keypad

Pass the keypad’s cable beneath the deadbolt latch to install the keypad. 

The keypad will have a flat long metal blade. Pass that through the hole in the deadbolt.  

There will be a metal mounting. Take the mounting plate, and pass the cable through its rectangular hole at the lower right or left corner. 

Attach the plate to the door using screws. 

Step 3: Attach the battery compartment

Remove the battery cover from the interior assembly.

The compartment will have two key-like things at the sides of the cover and a knob at the center. 

Press the keys and the knob together to uncover the cover. 

Connect the keypad cable you passed underneath the deadbolt latch to the assembly’s connector port. 

There is only one one-way port. Sometimes the manufacturers mark with red ink for a better understanding.

There will be another wire already connected. Stay away from that one.

There will be a silver rod in the battery compartment. 

Pass that rod through the metal plate’s center hole and screw the battery compartment to the door.

Install 4 AA alkaline batteries and cover the battery compartment.

Step 4: Set up the bolt direction 

To set up the bolt direction, enter the default Master code, 123456. 

It will let the lock set the bolt direction and complete the installation. 

When you enter the default Master code, the LOCK button will illuminate red, and the deadbolt latch will come out and go inside twice.

When you again enter the LOCK button, the deadbolt will come out to lock the door. 

If you have reached this stage, you have successfully installed your Defiant electronic deadbolt. 

Now, you need to program the lock for basic functionality. Please keep reading to know how to do it. 

Programming the electronic deadbolt for basic programming

YouTube video player

Programming an electronic deadbolt includes adding or deleting new master and user access codes and enabling the auto-lock mode. 

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This section talks about the basic programming for locking and unlocking the door:

Adding new master code

The default master code for the defiant electronic deadbolt is always 123456. 

After installing the lock, you must change this code to prevent others from entering the house. 

To change the master code:

  1. Press and hold the SET button until you hear a beeping sound. Release it after that. 
  2. Enter the default master code and press the LOCK button. 
  3. Again, press 1 and 0, and then the LOCK button. 
  4. Enter the new 6-digit master code. 
  5. Press the LOCK button again and complete the process.

Configuring user access codes to manage access privileges

After the master code, you will need a user access code. The limit for adding user code is 10.

So, if you have 4 members in your house, you can add 4 different user codes. 

So you do not have to enter the master code to enter the house. 

To add the user access code:

  1. Press and hold the SET button until the beeping sound. 
  2. Enter the master code and press the LOCK button. 
  3. Press 2 and 0, and then the LOCK button. 
  4. Enter a new 4 or 6-digit user code and press the LOCK button. 

Repeat the steps to add more user codes.

To reconfigure the user code:

  1. Press and hold the MODE button until the USER option appears. 
  2. Press the DOWN arrow until the screen shows ADD USER, and press OK.
  3. Enter the 4-digit user you use to unlock the door and press OK. 
  4. Now enter a new user code and press OK twice to confirm it.

To delete one user code:

  1. Press and hold the SET button until the beeping sound.
  2. Enter the current master code and press the LOCK button. 
  3. Press 3 and 0 and again the LOCK button. 
  4. Enter the user code you want to delete and press the LOCK button to delete the code.

To delete multiple user codes at once:

  1. Press and hold the SET button until the beeping sound or red and green flashes. 
  2. Enter the master code and press the LOCK button. 
  3. Press 4 and 0 and again the LOCK button.
  4. Press the LOCK button again and complete the process. 

Enabling auto-lock

If you are in a hurry and forget to lock the door, it remains unlocked. 

But by enabling the auto-lock feature, you can stop this.

When you leave the door unlocked, the door gets locked automatically after 10 seconds. 

The time-out can be managed, though. 

It can be anywhere between 10 and 99 seconds. 

To enable the auto-lock feature:

  1. Press and hold the SET button until the lock beeps and then release it.
  2. Enter the master code and press the LOCK button. 
  3. Press 8 and 0, and press the LOCK button again. 
  4. Again, press 1 and the LOCK button to complete the process. 

It will automatically lock the door. 

To increase the time-out, repeat the first 2 steps. After that:

  1. Press 7 and 0 and then the LOCK button. 
  2. Enter the preferred timing. 
  3. Press the LOCK button and complete the process.

Enhancing the security of the electronic deadbolt with additional features

There are two more additional features – turning off the beeping sound and turning on the vacation mode during vacation. 

They are also parts of programming. But, unlike the above programming, these two are optional and can enhance home security if enabled.

Beeping is on in most house locks, and vacation mode is occasionally used. 

For example, if we talk of the beeping sound, many people are uncomfortable with it. 

First, the sound can be annoying. 

And second, if anyone is spying on you, guessing the codes with the beeping patterns is easy. 

So, turning off the beeping sound would be better. 

Turning off beeping sounds

  1. Press and hold the SET button and release it when you hear the beeping sound.
  2. Enter the master code and press the LOCK button. 
  3. Press 6 and 0, and then again press the LOCK button. 
  4. Press 0 again and then the LOCK button to turn off the beeping sound.

To turn it on, repeat the first 3 steps, and press 1 instead of 0 for the last step.

Vacation mode

When you leave for a vacation, you probably would not want others to enter your house. 

Enable this feature if you have given the code to someone else and don’t want them to enter the house while you are away. 

With this feature, you can only enter the house with the master code. 

To enable this mode:

  1. Press and hold the SET button until the beeping sound and release it afterwards. 
  2. Enter the master code and press the LOCK button. 
  3. Press 5 and 0, and again the LOCK button. 
  4. Press 1 and gain the LOCK button. 

To disable the feature, press 0 in the last step. 

Testing and troubleshooting the electronic deadbolts after installation 

To test the electronic deadbolt, try to lock and unlock the electronic deadbolt 2-3 times to ensure that it is working with the new master codes and user codes.

Sometimes, the lock opens with the default code even after setting the new master codes and user codes. 

Besides these, the lock can cause several issues if the installation is incorrect, for example, the keypad not responding, lock and unlock not working, auto-lock not working, etc. 

This section will share some issues I have experienced, witnessed, and heard from others. 

Keypad not responding 

Generally, this problem occurs due to low batteries. 

When it happens after the installation, the wire of the keypad may not be appropriately connected to the connector port of the battery compartment.

Unscrew the battery compartment and check the connection.

If you are still facing the problem, consider resetting the lock once with the following steps:

  1. Remove the battery cover and take out one battery. 
  2. Press and hold the SET button and replace the battery while holding it.
  3. Release the button when you hear a long and a short beep. 
  4. Leave the button and enter the default master code, 123456. 

Resetting will delete all the enabled features and existing codes. 

After the factory reset, you must set the codes again and enable the features.

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The master code did not transform, and the door did not un/lock

Sometimes, you will see that even after adding the new master code, it will still open with the default code. 

Or the door does not lock or unlock with the new user codes.

It occurs when you do not follow the proper steps to add the master or user code or have some technical problems.

Consider following the code configuration steps again, or you have to reset the lock. 

Red indicator on even after the configurations

It indicates the SET is jammed. 

Reset the lock to fix it.

Auto-lock not working 

Improper auto-lock setting is one of the main reasons. 

Try setting the auto-lock again. 

Or, try resetting the lock and then adding it. 

Best tips and practices for installing the electronic deadbolts

Suppose you are new to doing such work as adding the locks to your door. In that case, you will need some tips for a successful installation. 

Many people would want to approach it because the steps are pretty simple. 

Even I installed my house’s defiant electronic lock without any professional help. 

All I had was the right tools, the manual, and some YouTube videos. It was easy and fun. 

So, if you want to give it a try, follow the following tips and best practices for a successful installation:

  • Ensure you have connected the exterior and interior assemblies tightly with the screws. Do not over-tighten them but also do not leave them loose.
  • Adjust the deadbolt latch according to your door’s needs. Correctly measure the distance between the door’s edge and the center and adjust the latch accordingly. 
  • When connecting the keypad’s wire to the battery compartment’s connector port, ensure it is properly attached. It is only a one-way path and not a two-way one.
  • Read the manufacturer’s manual very well and follow the correct ordering. 
  • When configuring the code access, follow the steps in a proper sequence. 
  • After installing, test your electronic deadbolt once to see if it works. 
  • If you have doubts, call an expert to fix the lock. 

Final thoughts

Installing a defiant electronic deadbolt is easy if you follow the proper steps. For a clear idea about the installation steps, consult the steps in this article and those mentioned in the manual. Together you can receive great help and easily install the lock. 

Know the door thickness by measuring the distance between the edge and the hole to adjust the latch before installation. Follow the correct steps while programming the lock for basic functionality, like adding new master and user codes and enabling auto-locks. 

You can use other features like disabling the beeping sound or turning on the vacation mode for extra security. Follow the tips and best practices shared for a successful and safe installation.

Why should I reset the lock?

Sometimes, problems like the keypad not responding, the master code not working, or the door not locking or unlocking result from technical issues, jammed buttons, or incorrect coding. In that case, resetting can solve maximum issues.

What does the alarm do in the electronic deadbolt?

The alarm is another additional feature in these locks that improves security. The lock will make noises when someone tries to barge into your house forcibly. It has three settings – low, medium and high. Adjust according to your preference.

Reference: Defiant electronic smart keypad locks

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