How To Program A Defiant Electronic Deadbolt?

Having high home security is crucial. Upgrading your house’s regular locks to electronic deadbolts makes your home more secure and safe. But how do you program it? Today, we will learn about Defiant Electronic deadbolt.

To program a Defiant electronic deadbolt, enter a programming code, the desired user code and test the lock. Some models may also allow for features like auto-lock or alarm settings. It is important to keep the programming and user codes secure to ensure the safety and security of the lock.

If you are new and looking for basic programming of Defiant electronic deadbolt, this guide will be your go-to resource. It shares the programming of the defiant electronic deadbolt and ways to troubleshoot common issues while handling these locks. 

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Understanding electronic deadbolt hardware components

The Defiant electronic deadbolt is a keyless entry system where you need to use a keypad with some codes to unlock the door. 

The keypad will contain a backlit number, making it easier to unlock the door during low-light conditions. 

You can program the lock with 6-10 user codes. 

It means that each family member can have their codes. 

The lock also contains an in-built alarm which will make a sound if someone else without no code access tries to force open the lock. 

The hardware components of an electronic deadbolt are:

  • The deadbolt latch will extend from the door into the hole of the door frame to lock the door and come back to its position when you lock it. You can adjust it to increase or decrease its size.
  • The keypad with numbers, where you will use codes to lock/unlock the door.
  • A metal back plate with a hole to let the keypad’s cable pass through it.
  • A battery compartment to keep the deadbolts charged.
  • An interior thumb turn or assembly that will let you lock and unlock the door from the inside of the house. 
  • The screws will help attach the deadbolt and battery compartments to the door and secure them.  

Installing and setting up the electronic deadbolt

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Installing a defiant electronic deadbolt is relatively easy. 

The lock will come with an installation manual that gives detailed information about installing the lock in your main door. 

You can install the lock on the doors that are 1-⅜ to 1-¾ inches thick in size. 

The lock also has adjustable backsets that encourage them to fit in doors 2-¾ or -2⅜ inches thick. 

The installation steps for different electronic deadbolts can differ from one type to another based on the model. 

In this section, I will share the steps to set up the defiant electronic deadbolt I followed during installation. 

Remove the old lock and start installing the new electronic deadbolt with the following steps:

Step 1

First, install the deadbolt latch. 

You can adjust the latch according to your door’s backset length. 

The backset length measurement is the distance from the door edge to the bore hole’s center.

The latch can be adjusted to fit a 2-⅜ inch or 2-¾ inch backset length. 

The latch is usually set at 2-⅜ inches backset. 

To convert it:

  • Extend the latch bolt by twisting the latch hole with a screwdriver. The lock assembly’s long flat metal blade will pass through the hole.
  • Twist and pull the length to extend or shorten it. 
  • Retract the latch bolt.

When you install the latch, the word UP should be facing upwards, and the bolt must be retracted.

To install the latch, put it into the door bore hole, and attach the face plate with two screws with a screwdriver. 

Step 2

Install the lock assembly now. 

The lock will have a long metal blade and a cable at the back. 

Pass the cable underneath the latch and the flat metal blade through the center of the latch, the small round black part with a hole. 

Remove the keys before you install the keypad assembly. 

Step 3

Now, connect the metal mounting plate. 

Slide the cable from the back of the keypad assembly through the mounting plate. 

There will be several holes in the mounting plate, but you cannot randomly select one hole. 

A rectangular hole will be at the right or left bottom of the metal plate. Pass the cable through it.

Now, attach the metal plate to the door with screwdrivers. 

Step 4 

Take the interior assembly or the battery compartment and uncover it. 

The battery compartment will have two small key-like buttons on both sides. 

Press these buttons and the knob (in the inside direction) to separate the battery compartment from the assembly. 

If there are no such buttons, you can only press the knob in the inside direction to open the battery compartment.

Step 5

Connect the cable to the battery’s connector port.

There will be only one connector port to connect the keypad cable. 

The other port will already have a wire connector. Do not disturb that one.

For a better understanding, the manufacturers will mark the connector port with red ink so you can avoid any mistakes. 

The connector goes only in one way. 

Make sure the metal connector side faces outwards. 

Step 6

Now, place the black cable behind the metal plate, and attach the battery assembly to the door by screwing three screws.

Install another straight metal plate on the other door edge, where the latch will lock the door.

Fill up the battery compartment with four AA alkaline batteries and cover the compartment.

Step 7 

To set up the bolt direction, enter the default master code, and the lock will set it up and complete the installation. 

The latch will go in and out twice and unlock. You have successfully installed and set up the defiant electronic deadbolt. 

The default master code is always 123456. Read on to know how to change or delete the default code. 

Programming the electronic deadbolt for basic functionality 

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Programming a defiant electronic default for basic functionality involves adding, changing, or deleting the master and user codes and enabling auto locks. 

Below, I am going to explain step by step. 

Changing the master code

Remember that the default master code for the defiant electronic deadbolt always stays 123456. 

This code will help you put the lock in the programming mode and make further changes in the lock programming. 

After installing and setting up the electronic lock, you must change this Master Code to ensure security. 

If you already have the Defiant lock or think someone is spying on your code, change it to prevent outsiders from changing the lock programming. 

Here are the steps to change the Master code:

  1. Press and hold the SET button until you hear a beep sound from the lock, and release it. 
  2. Enter the current Master code and press the LOCK button. To set a new code, first use the default code. 
  3. Now press 1,0, and press the LOCK button. 
  4. Enter the new Master code with 6 digits and press the LOCK button to complete the code change. 

Adding user codes 

The next step for basic functionality is changing or adding new user codes. 

A User code is also called the access code or the passcode. 

It is a unique code that is used to unlock the door. 

After you install the electronic deadbolt and change the master code, it is time to add a new user code. 

For that:

  1. Press and hold the SET button until a beeping sound is heard. 
  2. Enter the current Master Code and press the LOCK button. 
  3. Press 2, 0, and then again press the LOCK button. 
  4. Enter a new Use Code or 4 to 6 digits and press the LOCK button. 

Method to change the user code:

  1. Press and hold the MODE button until you see the USER option.
  2. Press the DOWN arrow until the screen displays ADD USER, and then press OK.
  3. Enter the current 4-digit user that you use to unlock the door, and then press OK.
  4. Please enter the new user code and press OK twice to confirm it.

To add more user codes, you need to repeat this process. 

To change the user code, you can also delete the existing one and then add a new one. 

A Defiant Electronic deadbolt and put up to 10 User codes with 4-6 digits each. 

If you have set all the 10 User codes, you must delete one existing code and add a new one. 

Deleting an existing User code

To delete an existing user code:

  1. Press and hold the SET button until you hear the beeping sound, then release it. 
  2. Enter the current Master Code and press the LOCK button. 
  3. Press 3,0, and then press the LOCK button again. 
  4. Now, enter the User code you want to delete and press the LOCK button to delete the code. 

You have successfully deleted the user code. 

Try using the code again to confirm that it has been deleted and won’t be used. 

Instead of pressing the 4 and 0, another method is to repeat step 2 and enter the Master code twice, once to unlock and again to confirm. 

When the lock beeps, it indicates that you have deleted the current code.

For multiple codes, you can delete them together instead of repeating this process. 

The following section explains it. 

Deleting all the user codes at once

To delete all the User codes together at once:

  1. Press and hold the SET button until the lock makes the beeping sound or flashes red and green, and release it. 
  2. Enter the current Master code and press the LOCK button again. 
  3. Now press 4,0, and then again the LOCK button. 
  4. Press the LOCK button again and complete the deletion. 

The process will delete all the User codes you have used. 

You will now only have the Master code to unlock your house lock if there is no user code. 

Auto-lock on the electronic deadbolt

Sometimes, if you are in a hurry, you might forget to lock the door. 

Do not worry, as these deadbolts have an auto-locking system. 

I love how it auto-locks my door after a few seconds when I forget or am in a hurry. 

The feature remains disabled by default. You must set it up if you are careless about locking the door.

Here are the steps to turn on the Auto-lock for the Defiant electronic deadbolt:

  1. Press and hold the SET key until the lock beeps, and release it. 
  2. Enter the Master Code and press the LOCK button. 
  3. Press 8,0, and then press the LOCK button. 
  4. Again, press 1, press the LOCK button, and complete the Auto-lock process. 

The lock will automatically lock your door if left unlocked for over 10 seconds. 

To disable this feature, repeat the steps, and press 0 instead of 1 in the last step. 

Ten seconds is the default time. You can set it anywhere between 10 and 99. 

To set up with the preferred time:

  1. Press and hold the SET button and release it after the beeping sound.
  2. Enter the Master code and press the LOCK button. 
  3. Press 7,0, and then the LOCK button. 
  4. Now enter the preferred time, between 10 to 99 seconds, after which you expect the door to get auto-locked. 
  5. Press the LOCK button and complete the process. 

Enhancing the security of the Defiant electronic deadbolt 

Defiant Electronic Deadbolt Single Cylinder Keypad Door Locks | Spin To Lock Feature | Smart Home Keyless Entry Security | Satin Nickel | Castle Style

To enhance the security of the electronic deadbolt, you can have a few more features to secure your house:

  • Turning off the beeper sound: Many people can get a rough idea about the codes from the pattern of the beeping sound. So, turning off the beeping sound can reduce this chance and stop others from barging into your house.
  • Turning on the vacation: It will disable all the user codes and won’t allow anyone to enter the house. Sometimes, other house members or workers are provided with user codes if they are trustworthy. However, it is still better to turn on the vacation mode to stop anyone from entering the house. 

Turning off the beeper sound 

A lot of people are not comfortable with the beeper sound.

Additionally, some spies can quickly determine the codes from each number’s beeper sound pattern.

I keep it off. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Press and hold the SET button until you hear the beep sound, then release it. 
  2. Enter the Master code and press the LOCK button. 
  3. Press 6,0, and then the LOCK button again. 
  4. Now, press 0 and then the LOCK button. It will turn off the beeping sound. 

If you want to turn it on again, repeat the first 3 steps, and press 1 instead of 0. 

Turn on the vacation mode

Vacation mode means you can only unlock the door by the Master code. 

Other members, except the house members, are sometimes provided with user codes. 

Turning the vacation mode on will keep these members from entering your house in your absence, providing extra security. 

To turn on the vacation mode:

  1. Press and hold the SET button and release it. 
  2. Put in the Master code and press the LOCK button. 
  3. Press 5,0, and then the LOCK button. 
  4. Now, press 1 and again the LOCK button to turn on the vacation mode. 

When you return, turn off the vacation mode by repeating the first 3 steps and pressing 0 instead of 1 in the last process. 

Troubleshooting common issues with electronic deadbolts

When you use an electronic deadbolt, you will face several issues since it is an electrical object. 

Below are some common issues you will face and the ways to troubleshoot them:

Keypad not responding

When you find this problem, a common issue is due to low batteries. 

Replace the alkaline batteries with a new ones and recheck the keypad.

If there is still a problem, open the battery or the keypad and see whether the keypad’s cable is correctly connected to the connector port. 

If you still have an issue, reset the lock. 

For resetting:

  1. Remove the battery cover and take out one battery. 
  2. Press and hold the SET button and replace the battery while holding the SET button.
  3. Keep holding it until you hear a long and a short beeping sound. 
  4. Now leave the button after hearing both the long and short beeps. 
  5. Enter the default Master code again, 123456, to complete the process. 

After that, you can follow any steps discussed above for programming. 

Defiant lock master code not transforming

When we install a new electronic lock, our first duty is to change the master code. 

When you change the master code, but the door doesn’t open with it, but the default code, there might have been some known technical issues.

Or you have not correctly followed the changing steps. 

In that case, completely factory reset the Defiant lock and again follow the steps to change the Master code. 

Auto-lock not working

The auto-lock remains disabled by default. 

You need to set the auto-lock option with a few steps mentioned earlier. 

You have battery issues if the auto-lock still does not work after enabling it. Change the battery. 

Another option would be to reset the lock settings. 

Red indicator on after completing the setting

When the red indicator in the lock is still on after you have completed your lock settings, it is mainly because your SET button is jammed. 

You can reset the lock by reinstalling the batteries and following the resetting steps. 

Battery indicator flashing and beeping constantly

It indicates that you have a low battery. 

Replace the alkaline batteries with the new ones. Remember that you must change all four batteries. 

If the lock still beeps, hold the SET button until the long beep is over. 

It will fix the problem. 

If you cannot solve any of the above problems yourself with these simple troubleshooting steps, call a professional for help. 

Integrating your electronic deadbolt with smart house systems 

Defiant Electronic Deadbolt Single Cylinder Keypad Door Locks | Spin To Lock Feature | Smart Home Keyless Entry Security | Satin Nickel | Castle Style

Today’s world has become fast and doesn’t think twice before entering the world of technology. 

So, people upgrade their traditional houses to smart houses by introducing devices like Amazon Alexa, Apple Homekit, or Google Assistant to speed up their lifestyles.

If you are one such person, you must integrate your electronic deadbolt with smart house systems that use several smart devices.

The Defiant Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt is a good choice as it can connect with Alexa and Google Assistant. 

However, it won’t be able to connect with other intelligent devices.

For that, you need other innovative lock models, for example:

  • Bosma Aegis Smart Lock: Integrates with Alexa, Google, and IFTTT (If This Then That).
  • Ultralog U-Bolt Pro Wi-Fi Smart Lock: Integrates with Alexa, Google, and IFTTT (If This Then That). 
  • Yale Assure Lock 2: Integrates with Alexa, Google, and Apple Homekit.

Using mobile apps to control the electronic deadbolt

To control the Defiant electronic deadbolt with mobile apps, you must ensure to use the electronic deadbolts with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connections. 

A good option is to use Defiant Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt

It is easy to install and supports several processes for unlocking. 

Suppose your home system uses devices like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. In that case, this lock can be an excellent choice for integrating the electronic deadbolt with them.

The ideal app to control this deadbolt is the Hubspace app. With this app, you can control the lock via Wi-Fi to lock or unlock the door with your phone’s keypad or even your voice. 

But you will need a Defiant Smart Plug. It will serve as the Wi-Fi gateway for the electronic deadbolt. 

It will allow you to control the deadbolt remotely and for Alexa and Google Assistant commands. 

You can even use the lock without this plug via Bluetooth connection. 

However, the Bluetooth signals do not work as far as the Wi-Fi connections. 

The panel will have the name, battery level, and button that quickly locks and unlocks the door. 

Tapping the panel will show you a large button with similar lock and unlock controls, a battery meter, and text about the recent activity. 

Below will be toggles for the Auto-lock features and Vacation modes, which will be disabled by default. 

Enabling it will disable the other PINs except for the house and lock owners. 

The bottom of the screen will be the Activity, PIN management, and Setting buttons. 

By clicking the PIN management, you can make or change the Admin PIN, enable the keypad lockout features, and create guest PINs. 

The lockout features get disabled after 4 unsuccessful attempts.

Controlling the lock with mobile app and smart houses – Remote access management

To control the lock with a phone app and integrate it with smart devices like Alexa or Google:

  1. Open the Hubspace app. 
  2. Tap the plus icon in the upper right corner of the main screen. 
  3. Select the ADD PRODUCT and use the phone’s camera to scan the QR code at the interior assembly.
  4. The lock will appear in the app and smart system device list. 
  5. Give your lock a name if you want and a location. 

To configure the lock with Wi-Fi access, 

  1. Confirm the app prompt to add the connection gateway and use the phone again to scan the code on the smart plug. 
  2. Once the plug shows up in the app and smart system device list, connect the plug to the outlet and give the lock a name and a location. 
  3. Tap the CONNECT option on the installation.

Final thoughts

So, the basic programming of a Defiant Electronic Deadbolt includes:

  • Making a new master code and user code/s.
  • Deleting the codes one by one or at once.
  • Turning on the auto-lock. 
  • Turning off the beeper sound
  • Turning on vacation mode

For extra safety, turn off the beeper sound and turn on the vacation mode whenever you are out for a vacation. Since the deadbolt is electronic, you can face issues like the keypad not working, master code or user codes not changing, constant flashes or beeping sounds, and auto-lock not working. 

Try the troubleshooting methods I shared, or simply factory reset the lock and do the basic programming from the start. Use an intelligent Defiant Wi-Fi lock to control the lock with mobile apps and integrate it with the intelligent house systems. It also allows you to access and manage the lock remotely. 

When does the deadbolt lock?

When you see a red light blinking, it indicates your door is locked, and it won’t open without a master code or user code.

What is the difference between keypad and keyless models?

The keyless locks have a small hole at the lock’s bottom where you can insert a small tool like a paperclip to unlock the door. The keypad models have a keypad and not a hole.

Reference: Dead bolt Wikipedia

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