How To Fix LE Code On Kenmore Washer? (6 Causes+Fix)

Kenmore is a trusted brand, and its washers are super effective. But that doesn’t mean it won’t get faults and repairs. A le error code indicates some faults in your Kenmore washer. This article is for you if you see a le error code in your washer.

A LE error code in the Kenmore washer often indicates drive motor faults. You need to check the drive motor and replace the faulty parts, like the rotor or the hall sensor. A heavy load or excessive detergent will also trigger the LE error code in your Kenmore washer.

Sometimes, a simple reset will solve this issue. While at other times, you need to access the interior parts of the machine to fix the error.

Let’s dive into the article to understand the causes of the le error code on the control panel and to learn the necessary steps you must take to fix the le error code on your Kenmore washer.

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What does the LE error code in the Kenmore washer mean? 

A le code suddenly appeared on the washer’s control panel when loading the clothes into my washer one fine day.

And the washing machine was spinning slowly.

I was clueless and unaware of what to do next, as I didn’t know what the le code indicated.

Knowing the error codes makes it easier to figure out the cause and fix the issue.

Let’s start by understanding what the le error code indicates. 

The le code in the Kenmore washer appears when it doesn’t run at the usual speed or very slowly because of the locked-up drive motor.

It can also happen due to loose wire connections, a faulty tachometer, or a damaged drive motor.

A defective rotor and the hall sensor will make the washer run slowly.

Causes of the LE error code in the Kenmore washer

There are several reasons for the Kenmore washer to display the LE error code.

Take note of the following causes to figure out why your Kenmore washer displays the LE error code. 

1. Overloaded clothes

If you load too many clothes, more than the washer drum can occupy, it will hamper the effectiveness of your Kenmore washing machine. 

If you continue doing it in the longer run, it will damage the drive motor of the washer.

It will also damage the drum of your washer and the rotor.

Overloading your washer will lead to ineffective cleaning while even damaging the clothes.

Eventually, your clothes will start fading by losing their shine.

Also, it will damage the bearing in the drum as it will tend to overwork during the overloading.

If the bearing is damaged, your washer will get off-balanced. 

When you overload clothes, small clothes like socks and underwear will get stuck in the pipes, which will cause a drainage issue in the washer. 

Due to all these issues, a Kenmore washer will display a le error code on the control panel.

2. Using excess detergent

If your Kenmore washing machine displays a le code, check if you use excess detergent in the wash cycle.

Using more detergent will not clean your clothes.

Instead, it will cause issues like le error code on your Kenmore washer. 

When you use the excess detergent for the longest time, it will start building as a hardened detergent, blocking the rotation of the drum. 

It will start depositing in the hidden areas of the washer, reducing its effectiveness. 

To avoid this, practice using appropriate detergent according to your load. 

3. A defective drive motor

A drive motor is an important part of the drive mechanism.

A drive mechanism rotates the agitator to make the clothes spin inside the washer’s drum. 

If the drive motor becomes faulty, the entire drive mechanism will stop working, causing the Kenmore washer to run slowly. 

Ultimately, it will cause the LE error code in your washing machine. 

To fix this, you need to check the entire drive mechanism.

You will see how you can do that later in this article.

4. Loose wiring

A drive motor and the entire drive mechanism are connected to the wires. 

If those wires are faulty, damaged, or not connected properly, the washer’s drum will not spin well, as the drive mechanism will stop working due to improper wire connections.

You must check the wire connections before inspecting the drive motor.

5. A faulty rotor

A rotor is the main component of the drive motor of the washing machine. 

Also, a rotor is a coil that rotates at high speed, providing rotational mechanical energy to the drive motor.

With the help of conductors, a rotor carries the current to the stator to interpret the magnetic field formed in the stator. 

If there is a fault in the rotor, it won’t let the washer perform its function. 

So, it is crucial to check if the rotor is defective.

6. A faulty hall sensor

A hall sensor is referred to as the rotor position sensor. 

You can access the hall sensor at the rear side of the motor attached to the stator. 

A hall sensor has an electric circuit to determine the rotor’s rotation speed.

It transfers the signal to the control board of the washer. 

The control board of the Kenmore washing machine detects this information to determine if all the parts of the washing machine are working fine. 

A faulty hall sensor will cause the Kenmore washing machine to display the le code on the control board.

How do I fix the LE error code on the Kenmore washer? 

To fix the error code, you must inspect all the above causes to figure out what went wrong. 

Only after figuring out the cause will you be able to find the appropriate fix to solve the le error code in your washing machine. 

Let’s understand how you can fix the le error code on your washing machine.

1. Reset your Kenmore washing machine

Before beginning to fix the le error code, reset your Kenmore washer.

A simple reset will sometimes fix the issue.

So, consider taking this step first. 

Follow the steps mentioned below to reset your Kenmore washing machine:

  • Press the power button to switch off your Kenmore washing machine.
  • Disconnect the power cord from the electric outlet.
  • Let it be disconnected from the power for 5 seconds. 
  • Reconnect your Kenmore washing machine with power. 

Now your washer is successfully reset.

Check if the issue of le error code is solved.

If the le error code is still displaying in the control board, check for the following fix.

2. Make sure you don’t overload the washer

Earlier, we discussed how overloading clothes would affect your washer. 

Now let’s see the steps you must follow while loading the clothes correctly.

  • First, you must find out if you are overloading your Kenmore washer.
  • Every washer has a different capacity in terms of bearing loads of clothes.
  • You have to understand the load capacity of your washer before deciding on the load size.
  • Consider referring to your washing machine to know how much load your Kenmore washing machine can bear. 
  • Leave six inches of space after loading the clothes if your washer is too old or if you don’t have the user manual. If the space is less than six inches, unload some of the clothes.

If your Kenmore washer displays the le error code on the control board, pause the cycle.

Check if you have overloaded the washer.

Unload some of the clothes and start the cycle again.

If this is causing an issue, most of the time le error code will solve. 

Here are some tips you can follow to make your laundry hassle-free:

  • In the top-loading Kenmore washing machine, spread the clothes evenly around the agitator instead of dumping them in the middle of the washer.
  • Don’t load all the heavy clothes on a single cycle. Mix heavy and light clothes in a single load to prevent the washer from getting off-balanced if you are loading a heavy towel into the cycle.
  • Try to avoid dumping all the clothes at a time. Put the clothes one by one to prevent the clothes from getting tangled. 

3. Use the right amount of detergent

If you haven’t overloaded the washer but your control panel still displays a le code, check if you are using the right amount of detergent. 

Check for the excess suds around the drum: you are probably using too much detergent.

In such cases, pause the wash cycle. Drain the soap water, and run the cycle again by pouring the water without adding more detergent. 

It will help to remove the le code on your Kenmore washing machine. 

To avoid this issue, run the washing cycle with the right amount of detergent, depending on the load. 

4. Check the drive motor mechanism.

Even after fixing the load and the amount of detergent you use, a le code on the control panel may be due to a defective drive motor mechanism and the loose wire connections around it. 

A drive mechanism consists of a motor, a rotor, and a hall sensor. 

Follow the steps mentioned to check the drive motor mechanism.

A defect in the rotor and the hall sensor will affect the functionality of the drive motor mechanism.

You have to replace these if you find them faulty. 

5. Check for the blockage in the drive motor.

Blockage in the drive mechanism will also cause the le error code.

Follow the steps below to check for the blockage in the drive system.

  • Start by drawing the waster if your drum has stagnant water. Start the drain cycle to remove the stagnant water from the drum, in case. If the water is not drained properly, you can use a dry vacuum to force the water out of the drain hose.
  • Access the drum of your Kenmore washing machine. Spin the drum with your hands. See if it is rotating without any hurdle. If it is not moving freely, there may be some objects struck. Remove those objects to fix the problem. 

6. Check for the rotor.

The drive mechanism’s important parts are the rotor and the hall sensor. 

Check if they are faulty. Replace them. 

Follow the steps below to inspect the rotor:

  • Start by unplugging your Kenmore washing machine.
  • Access the back panel. Remove the screws securing the back panel with the washing using a screwdriver
  • Locate the rotor. Use a socket wrench to rotate it in a clockwise direction.
  • Pull off the rotator from the washer. Check if it is damaged and replace it with the new one. Before purchasing the new one, note the model number of your Kenmore washing machine. 
  • Position the new rotor to secure it with the bold using a socket wrench.
  • Secure the back panel with the washer by securing it with the screws. 
  • Turn on the washing machine and check if the le code has disappeared.

7. Check for the hall sensor.

  • Start by disconnecting the electricity from the washing machine.
  • Remove the back panel from the washer by removing the screws using a screwdriver
  • Remove the rotor using a socket wrench and pull off the rotor. Keep it aside.
  • Access the stator. Remove the screws securing the stator with the motor. Slightly pull it off.
  • You can locate the hall sensor attached to the stator. Release the tab, and disconnect the wire harness to pull off the hall sensor. Check if it is damaged. Replace the hall sensor.
  • Position the hall sensor. Align it with the tabs and fix it in the stator.
  • Connect the wire harness to the new hall sensor.
  • If the wire harness is damaged, you must replace the wires.
  • Reattach the stator, and connect it with the wires.
  • Attach the rotor, secure it with the screws you removed and rotate the bolt using the socket wrench.
  • Reattach the back panel. Secure it with the screws.
  • Plug in the washer. Run the washer and check if the issue is solved. 

How to prevent LE error codes? 

A le error code appears due to faults in the motor and mistakes we are doing regularly.

You can prevent your washer from displaying a le code by following the simple tips below.

  • Avoid overloading the clothes.
  • Use the right amount of detergent. 
  • Check the wire connections of the washer once a year. Due to the rapid motion and usage, the wire connections may get loosened. 
  • Before loading the clothes, check all the pockets of the shirts and pants.

How do you run a diagnostic on a Kenmore front-load washer?

YouTube video player

Nearly every Kenmore washing machine has a diagnose mode that you use to figure out the causes of the le error code.

  • Press the drain/spin button.
  • Turn off the control board by pressing it. 
  • Press the pause/cancel and hold options simultaneously. You can see the movement in the LED display. It indicates that the diagnosis has started.
  • Spin the control dial clock. You can see the error code in the 9th position.
  • You can end the diagnosis by unplugging the washer from the electricity. 

Final thoughts

Once you notice the le error code in your Kenmore washer, all you need to do is to figure out the cause by referring to the list mentioned in the article. After finding the cause, follow the step-by-step process I mentioned in this article to fix the error.

A common cause of the le error is poor maintenance. Check and clean your Kenmore washer once a year to prevent the le error code.

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Reference: Kenmore Washer Official Manual

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