Annoyed By GE Washer Lid Lock Clicking? Learn How to Fix It Within Minutes!

Experiencing a clicking sound from your GE washer’s lid lock? Don’t worry; issues can arise with any appliance, but they can be fixed easily. If your GE washer lid lock keeps clicking, you’ve come to the right place for a solution.

Your GE washer might be clicking due to the locking and unlocking of the lid lock. To resolve this issue, you can try resetting the washer. However, if the clicking continues, it may indicate a problem with the lid lock, which may need replacement.

In this article, we’ll unravel the reasons behind the clicking and guide you through identifying and addressing the issue with your GE washer. Keep reading for a quick and easy fix.

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GE washer lid lock keeps clicking

There can be various reasons why your GE washer lid lock keeps clicking.

It is annoying, I know.

Although I don’t have a GE washer, I have experienced this with my washer.

And while I was researching, I figured many reasons are similar, even for GE washers.

But before getting to that, you must know that it is normal to get the clicking sound initially when you start the washing cycle.

The washer takes time to understand the load size; you will get the clicking sound during that time.

But, eventually, it will stop once the washer has estimated the load size.

Now, here are the common reasons why your GE washer keeps clicking and their fixes.

1. Broken or faulty lid lock

Most often, broken or faulty lid locks cause the clicking sound in washers.

Notice the clicking sound of the washer.

If you hear a rattling noise, it indicates a loose piece in the washer.

If that is the case, you will need to replace the lid lock of your GE washer.

You can call a professional for help, but you can also do it yourself if you want to save some dollars.

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Let me explain the process to you.

  • Unplug the washer from the electric outlet.
  • Pull it towards you and bring the backside in front so you can unscrew the upper back part.
  • You will find a total of 6 screws that you need to unscrew. Use a screwdriver to get it done.
  • After that, pull out the panel and let it hang.
  • You will then come across 2 more screws inside that you need to unscrew.
  • Once done, you can move the entire upper part out of the washer.
  • Once you lift it, you will see the lid lock at the right corner.
  • First, disconnect the electric wire section from the upper part of the lid lock. You can do it with your hands. And you won’t need any equipment for this.
  • Use a knife to remove the white section above from the lower part.
  • You will now see a black section that you can pull out from the bottom. That’s the part you need to replace.
  • You will find replacement lid locks on Amazon or the official GE website. Ensure you get one according to your washer model before starting the replacement process.
  • Install the new lid lock in its place, and it will click once it’s placed right.
  • Place the white part back in its place, connect the electric wires to the lid lock and assemble all the parts of the washer.

This will complete the replacement process.

You can connect the washer to the electric outlet and check if it’s making a clicking noise.

If not, congratulations, the issue is fixed.

2. The lid lock is locking and unlocking

Sometimes, the clicking sound is because the lid lock keeps locking and unlocking.

In such a case, you will need to reset the washer motor.

Let’s understand how you can reset your GE washer motor:

  • Unplug your GE washer from the electric outlet. Keep it unplugged for at least a minute.
  • Plug the washer back.
  • Now pull the lid up at least 6 times within a time frame of 12 seconds.
  • Close the lid properly every time.
  • Pull the lid high enough, so the connection gets disturbed every time.

This should help you get rid of the clicking sound.

Test the washer to see if the issue is fixed.

3. Control board issue

Sometimes, there might be a problem with the internal software and not any external part of the washer.

If this is the case, or if you doubt it, unplug it for 5 minutes.

Then, plug it back and press the start button for 5 seconds.

This should fix the issue.

If not, you might need to replace the control board.

Wear gloves before you start the process, which will prevent friction or damage to the electric parts of the washer.

  • Unplug the washer from the electric outlet. You can also turn the circuit breaker off.
  • Pull the washer away from the wall towards you.
  • Put a towel or clothing on the lid of the washer.
  • Pull and remove all the knobs from the control panel.
  • Take a screwdriver and remove all the screws at the back of the control panel.
  • Now you will be able to remove the control panel. Slightly slide the panel and place it on the towel.
  • You will now have access to the control board.
  • Remove the mounting screws.
  • Detach all the wires that are connected to the control board.
  • Remove the entire control board now.
  • Get the new control board based on your GE washer’s model.
  • New control boards don’t come with jumper plugs, so take it out of the old one and attach it to the new one.
  • Place the new board in the same place as the old one and screw it.
  • Connect all the wires to the new control board.
  • Place the panel back, screw all the screws at the back, and place the knobs on the panel.

This should help solve the problem, and your washer should stop making the clicking sound.

Final words

Finding a continuous clicking sound on your GE washer can be super annoying, and I get that. You should try resetting the washer and check if the issue is resolved.

If not, you might need to replace the lid lock, reset the motor, or even reset the control board. I have mentioned all the steps in the article, but if you find it too much work, you can try getting the help of a professional to fix the issue.


Why is my GE washer lid not locking?

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Another common problem that GE washer owners face is the lid not locking.

The first reason that comes to my mind is the same as the first point I mentioned in the article.

If the lid lock is damaged or broken, the lid will not lock.

You will need a new lid lock to replace the old one.

I have explained the process already, so that should help.

If you have a front-load GE washer, the problem might be the same, and you will need to replace the door lock.

Why is the lid lock light flashing on my GE washer?

If the lock assembly is not in place, the lock will not click, and the lid lock light will keep flashing.

Also, close the lid properly so the lock can click.

Sometimes, the excess lint or detergent buildup can also prevent the lock from clicking in place.

You can use a soft, damp cloth to clean the detergent or the lint, and then try locking the lid.

How much does it cost to replace a washing machine lid switch?

You can replace the lid switch of your washing machine yourself.

You will only need to pay for the new lid switch, which you can get from Amazon or the official site.

But, if you seek professional help, it can cost you anything between $85-150.

How long will a GE washer last?


GE washers have a reputation not just for their efficiency but also for their longevity.

A GE washer can last anywhere between 10-12 years, which I feel is great.

If you want to make your GE washer last long, here are a few tips that will help:

  • Avoid overloading excess clothes in the washer. If you have too many clothes, divide them into different washing cycles. Overloading reduces the washer’s efficiency and durability.
  • Do not leave the washed clothes in the washer for too long, as it can lead to mold growth.
  • Make sure the washer is balanced properly. An imbalanced washer can lead to damage.
  • Do not use too much detergent, as it can build up in the washer and reduce its durability.
  • If you notice excess detergent or lint, clean the washer.
  • Run a maintenance washing cycle on your washer every month. Add 2 cups of vinegar in the washer with no clothes and run the cycle at a temperature between 140-190°F.
  • Every washer has hoses for hot and cold water. You should clean these hoses from time to time. Try to keep them straight, so they don’t crack or break.

If you follow these, your washer can last long, even more than 10-11 years!

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Reference: GE washer front load user manual, GE Top Load washer user manual

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