Dryer Won’t Start Just Buzzes: 5 Causes+Fix

The dryer is one of the essential appliances of your house. But it can be annoying if the dryer won’t start but make buzzing noises when you turn it on.

Damaged bearings, defective drum belts, faulty motor, damaged idler pulley, or blown thermal switch are the most common reasons your dryer makes buzzing noises but won’t start. Start by inspecting the parts individually and then replace the faulty part to fix the issue.

In this article, I will go deep down into why your dryer won’t start but buzzes when you turn it on, and I will also provide the solutions here. So, keep reading.

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5 causes why your dryer won’t start but just buzz

Here are the reasons why your dryer won’t start and instead make a buzzing noise:

1. Damaged drum bearing

The drum bearing is located at the back of the drum.

It helps the drum stay in place and turn around.

If the bearing is worn out or damaged, the drum won’t spin, and the dryer will buzz.

2. Defective drum belt

The dryer drum belt is among the main components of a dryer that helps the drum rotates easily.

The belt is wrapped around the drum of the dryer.

It is connected to the motor shaft that moves the belt and the idler pulley, which creates tension in the belt.

And this tension grabs the belt outside of the drum, which is how it helps the drum to rotate.

The drum belt might be worn out or damaged if you hear buzzing sounds when you turn on the dryer, but no movement.

It can be due to clothes overload or the pulley, bearing, and other parts failing. In that case, you need to replace the drum belt.

3. Faulty or damaged dryer motor

The dryer motor is the main part of a dryer that controls the whole dryer rotation.

It locates the backside of the dryer and controls the blower and the drum. 

If your dryer won’t start but makes buzzing noises when you turn it on, there must be a problem with the motor.

If the dryer motor is faulty, damaged, or overheated, it can also cause buzzing noises.

4. Damaged idler pulley

If your dryer is making buzzing noises but won’t start when you turn on the switch, then it may be because of a damaged idler pulley.

The idler pulley is located behind the drum and beside the motor or drive pulley.

It creates tension on the dryer belt that helps to move the drum.

But for long uses, the idler pulley can be damaged or worn out.

Because of it, the drum can stop rotating and make buzzing noises.

5. Faulty or damaged thermal fuse

The thermal switch is an important part of a dryer’s safety.

It prevents the dryer from heating.

If the dryer’s temperature becomes too high, it turns the dryer off and the other parts.

The dryer is located near the heating element inside the back panel.

If you turn on the dryer, but it does not start and makes buzzing noises, a damaged thermal fuse can cause it.

In that case, you need to replace the thermal fuse.

How to fix a dryer that won’t start and buzzes?

Follow these steps to fix your dryer.

1. Fix the drum belt

If you find your dryer drum belt is broken or worn out, you should replace it.

To replace the drum belt, you need to follow the below steps:

  • Before doing anything, first put gloves on your hands and unplug the power supply of the dryer machine.
  • Now you remove the filter or lint screen on the top panel of your dryer if it has one.
  • Now remove the screws from the slot of the filter or lint screen and also from the top panel.
  • Once it is done, remove the front panel. To do that, you need a putty knife. Press the clips holding the top panel, and push the panel up.
  • Now lift the top panel and support it. Make sure you disconnect the wiring loom if it has one during lifting the top panel.
  • Once done, you need to remove the front panel. To remove the front panel, first, you need to look along the edge of the front panel, and if you find any screws or clips there, then you need to remove them.
  • Once they are removed, you need to slide the front panel up and set it aside. When you are removing the front panel, make sure you disconnect the wiring looms or door switch wires.
  • Remove the bulkhead that supports the drum at the bottom of the dryer’s front side by unthreading the screws and brackets if your dryer has one.
  • Now you can access the drum and the belt around the drum.
  • You need to remove the belt by detaching it from the drive and idler pulley and simply pulling it over the drum. Some dryer has an access panel where you can easily remove the belt from the pulley.
  • Now check the belt closely to see if you can find any damage in the belt. If you find one, then you should replace it.
  • Take a new drum belt and place it on the drum properly. The groove sides of the belt need to face inward in most dryers.
  • Now attach the belt with the drive and idler pulley in a zigzag formation.
  • Now install the bulkhead, front door, front panel, and top panel.
  • Once all parts are installed, connect the dryer to the power supply and check if it is still making noise and running properly or not.

2. Replace the idler pulley

If the idler pulley is damaged or aged, you need to replace it.

To replace the idler pulley, follow the below steps:

  • First, wear hand gloves, and unplug the power cord of the dryer from the power source of your house.
  • Now remove the top panel of your dryer machine. To remove it, you must first remove the filter or lint screen. Next, remove the screw from the filter socket on the top panel.
  • Once it is done, remove your dryer’s control panel on top of the top panel. To remove the control panel, unthread the screws that hold the control panel with the top panel.
  • Once done, take a putty knife and put it through the space between the front and top panel, and push it up.
  • Now lift the top panel and support it.
  • Now it is time to disconnect the door switch wires. Disconnect it through the wiring assembly and remove all the screws of the front panel using a screwdriver.
  • Now lift the panel by sliding it up and pulling it out. Now take it aside.
  • Now you need to remove the drum belt. Look through the bottom of the drum and you can find the pulley, and belt attached to it. You need to detach the belt on the pulley and motor shaft.
  • Now depress the old pulley and remove it from the shaft. If your dryer has an access panel behind the machine, remove the access panel by unthreading the screws, and you can easily access the dryer pulley and motor drive. Now depress the pulley and bring it out.
  • Now, grab a new idler pulley and install it on the place. Insert it into the slots in the base. Attach the belt around the pulley and the motor shaft in a zigzag formation. Rotate the drum that helps place the belt in the right way.
  • Install the access panel if your dryer has one by screwing it up, or install the front panel and screw it up.
  • Now connect the wire assembly, put the top panel in its place, and screw it up. And also install other parts of the dryer.
  • Once all parts are installed, plug the dryer and turn it on. Check if the dryer is still making noise and running or not.

3. Replace the thermal fuse

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If your dryer is not starting because of a damaged or blown-out thermal fuse, you need to replace it.

To replace the thermal fuse or switch, follow the below steps:

  • First, wear gloves on your hand and unplug the dryer.
  • Pull the dryer away from the wall so that you can get access the back panel.
  • Go backside of the dryer machine and remove the back panel.
  • To remove the back panel, you need to remove all the screws securing the back panel. Take a quarter-inch screwdriver and remove the screws one by one.
  • Now pull the back panel out and take it aside.
  • Now you can find the thermal fuse locates near the blower housing.
  • Remove the two wires terminal and also the screws holding the thermal fuse. Use a quarter-inch hex head screwdriver to remove the screws.
  • Once the screws are removed, tilt the thermal fuse a little so that the little tab of the thermal fuse can easily get out. Now pull the thermal fuse out.
  • Now install a new fuse. Slide the open notch inside the slots and then screw up the fuse.
  • Once the screws are installed, reconnect the wire ends with the thermal fuse.
  • Now install the back panel in its place and screw it up.
  • Once it is done, move the dryer to its place and plug it on.
  • Now the repair is completed. Check the dryer if the sound vanishes and if the dryer machine is running finely.

4. Fix the dryer motor

The most complex repair is fixing a dryer motor.

But in this section, I will share with you the easy step-by-step method that will help you fix it easily.

  • The first step, unplug the dryer.
  • Now you need to remove the top panel of the dryer. But before that, you need to remove the lint filter or lint screen from the dryer’s top panel.
  • Next, remove the screws that hold the lint filter socket using a screwdriver.
  • Now take a putty knife to open the top panel clips. Enter the putty knife through the top and front panel space and press the clips. Now you can remove the front panel. Lift the top panel and support it.
  • Once it is done, disconnect the wires through the wiring loom. Make sure you wear safety gloves at this point.
  • Now remove the 5/16 hex head screws that hold the front panel.
  • Once the screws are removed, slide the front panel up and pull it out. Now take the front panel aside.
  • Now, look through the bottom of the drum. You can find the idler pulley in the right corner holding the belt.
  • Pull the idler pulley towards the cabinet, and release the tension. Roll the belt off the motor pulley and bring out the idler assembly.
  • Now with the aid of the belt, lift the drum up, separate the rear rollers, and pull it through the cabinet. Now set it aside.
  • Once all is done, remove the motor. The motor is held with the motor carriage with two spring clips. One at the front and the other at the back. To remove the motor, you first need to remove those spring clips. Before that, disconnect the wiring loom.
  • Take a large flat-blade screwdriver, engage on the end of the spring clip and pry outward. Do the same thing on the rear one.
  • Remove both of the clips. Now, look at the motor where the blower wheels sit on there. The blower wheel has a square shank on it. Take an adjustable wrench and fas-nut right to the blower wheel. Straight down the motor with the left-hand thread and move clockwise to loosen it.
  • Once done, grab the front of the motor shaft with an adjustable wrench and hold on to the blower. Get it loose.
  • Once it is freed up, this will turn off easily.
  • Now lift the motor out and install the new one. You can buy a new motor as per your model number.
  • First, to install the new motor, grab it, engage the rear shaft into the blower wheel, and let the motor sit in with the harness loosely. Then try to spread that motor shaft onto the blower. You need to hold that blower wheel towards the front of the dryer enough for the switch to start to engage. Make sure the two bushings sit in the cradle.
  • With the adjustable wrench, lock the blower wheel onto the motor shaft. Now you are ready to install the two mounting clips.
  • Reinstall the wiring looms to the motor. Ensure that the locking tabs are locked firmly in place outside the body switch.
  • Now put the idler assembly back in place by sliding it on its slot bracket.
  • Now reinstall the drum. Make sure the groove sits over the top of the two rear rollers. You may have to rotate it slightly to make it fall into place.
  • Align the belt up where the labeling is present.
  • Now reach inside the dryer through the front and rotate the belt around the idler and the motor pulley.
  • Now rotate the drum clockwise just against the back bulkhead. Make sure the lines itself up.
  • Now install the front panel and screw it up. Now connect the wires.
  • The next thing is to install the top panel and put the top panel in its place. Now put the filter in its place. Finally, the repair is completed.

5. Fix the drum bearing

To fix the drum bearing, follow the below steps:

  • First, disconnect your dryer’s power cord from your house’s power source.
  • Now remove the top panel by pressing the locking tabs through a putty knife.
  • Once the top panel is ready to remove, lift it and support it.
  • Next, remove the wires of the door switch through the wire harness.
  • Now remove the screws on the front panel through the top panel and remove the front panel.
  • Once the panel is removed, you next need to remove the belt on the drum. Once the belt is removed, try to spin the drum around. You should replace the bearing if the drum does not spin freely and makes noise.
  • To replace the bearing, first, you need to remove the side panel of the dryer by unscrewing it.
  • Remove the bearing cover and heater on the back panel by unthreading the screws.
  • Unplug the wires and remove the heater cover and the bearing cover.
  • Remove the back panel. Now you can find the screws holding the shaft to the drum.
  • Take out the drum from the dryer, and remove those screws using a screwdriver. Now the old shaft comes out.
  • Now put the new shaft back in place. Now fit the new bearing to the back panel.
  • If you flip the back panel over, you can find the old seal. Remove the old seal and fit the brand-new one here.
  • Now you need to remove the old seal of the front panel and replace it with a new one.
  • Now put all the parts of the dryer on. Put the drum belt onto the drum and Install the drum inside the dryer. Also, install the front, back, and side panels one after one. Now the repair is completed.

Final words

You might use your dryer daily to dry wet clothes. But it can be problematic if the dryer won’t start at the right time and makes buzzing noises. 

In this article, I have mentioned all the possible causes and how you can fix them by yourself. Make sure you always wear gloves on your hands and unplug the dryer’s power cord.

If you can not resolve the problem, you can ask for professional help.

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