Does A Humidifier Cool A Room? (+Why You Need One)

Whether a humidifier can cool the room is quite a subject of debate. As we know, adding a humidifier to a room increases the moisture levels of the room and reduces irritation caused by excessive dryness. But will it cool a room? Let’s see. 

A cool mist humidifier can have a short-term cooling effect in the room, but it is insufficient to keep the room cool. Still, when used alongside an AC unit, it can bring the temperature down and maintain ideal humidity allowing you to raise the temperature of the AC and save electricity.

The answer is debatable because the cooling effect makes people think the humidifier cools the room. But others disagree. In this article, we shall explore this in detail with humidifier benefits and different types. 

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What is a humidifier, and how does it work?

 A humidifier is a device that increases the moisture level of the air around you by releasing steam into space. 

When the humidifier adds extra moisture to the surrounding, it will make the air heavy due to the sudden increase in the moisture level. 

The humidifier releases water vapor and retains the heat of your room. 

The more water vapor it releases, the higher the warmth of your room. 

In the case of a cool mist humidifier, the appliance releases cold water vapor and, thus, does not make your room too much warmer. 

Does a humidifier make a room cool?

A humidifier cannot make the room cool. 

However, it depends on the type of humidifier and the individual’s perspective. 

A humidifier is meant to add moisture to the surrounding area. 

There are two main types of humidifiers – warm mist and cool mist.

A warm mist humidifier makes the room warmer by adding up moisture. 

The more moisture the humidifier releases, the warmer your room will be.

But a cool mist humidifier makes it cooler by releasing cool water vapor. 

This moisture will refresh your room and cools the air slightly. 

That is why some think the humidifier can cool the room. 

But this cooling effect does not make your room cold. 

Even if you install a cool mist humidifier in your room and get a cooling effect, it will start to make you feel warmer at some point. 

Once the device operation progresses, your body will retain the moisture for a long time, making you feel warmer. 

Why do I need a humidifier?

Sometimes, the air inside the houses becomes very dry, especially during the winter. 

Staying in dry air for a long time is bad for us. 

It can cause severe issues like dry skin, allergies, nose bleeding, and static electricity. 

A humidifier adds moisture to the air and stops these problems. 

Additionally, a humidifier is also known to reduce snoring and congestion from colds and allergies. 

A humidifier makes the air more humid and helps in flexible breathing and sound sleep. 

So, a humidifier is an important appliance for our health and comfort. 

Here are some more benefits of using the humidifier:

Humidifier removes dirt and dust from the surrounding air. 

  • It prevents frizzing. 
  • A humidifier can relieve you from asthma, bronchitis, and cold cough. 
  • It prevents the transfer of airborne diseases. 
  • It clears nasal blockage problems. 

What are the different types of humidifiers?

Usually, there are two main types of humidifiers:

  • Warm mist humidifier
  • Cool mist humidifier

There are more types, but they are the subtype of cool and warm mist humidifiers. 

Let’s talk about them one by one. 

Cool mist humidifier

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As the name suggests, a cool mist humidifier releases cool steam to increase the moisture level of your area. 

The humidifier emits steam with the help of a fan. 

The cool mode of this humidifier is good for people with dry skin and asthma. 

The humidifier is filled with distilled water, and you must take care of it regularly. 

If you are careless and use tap water, it will fill up the room with pathogens, which can give rise to other serious issues. 

Cool mist humidifiers are considered best for kids and pets. 

Though it requires maintenance, it needs less cleaning than the other humidifier. 

However, the humidifier will release some noise during operation. 

Some other benefits of a cool mist humidifier are:

  • Operates in a large space. 
  • Safe to use in houses with kids and pets.
  • No water droplets and mineral buildups.
  • Does not heat the indoor air. 
  • Needs less maintenance. 

Despite having such benefits, there are some drawbacks:

  • It releases noises during operation. 
  • You need high-quality equipment if you use it for larger spaces. It will let it work efficiently. 
  • It can encourage bacteria and mold. 

Though the cool mist humidifier can cool your room, the cool feeling vanishes after some time. 

Over time, you will start feeling warm because your body will absorb the moisture. 

There are different subtypes of cool mist humidifiers. Here are some of them:

Evaporator humidifier

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This type of humidifier is considered a cool mist humidifier.  

It can regulate the air moisture with cool steam, but the operation is different. 

The appliance works according to the air exchange principle. 

It draws the air from the house’s interior, processes it in its basin, and then releases it back into the room. 

It does not have any heater to warm or heat the water molecules, which makes it suitable for any place. 

Ultrasonic humidifier

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It is another type of cool humidifier and is considered popular due to the release of high-quality steam. 

The humidifier also helps in saving energy bills. 

It works by separating the water molecules with a vibrating plate and then releasing it as air particles throughout the room. 

While using this appliance, there is a risk of failure as the appliance forms mineral deposits from the water, especially on the plates. 

So you have to clean it regularly and avoid tap water. 

Warm mist humidifier 

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It is another type of humidifier that releases warm moisture in the surrounding area. 

The water is heated to a boiling temperature inside the device, evaporating through the opening. 

One of the biggest benefits of this humidifier is that it does not release any noise like the cool mist and works quietly. 

This humidifier won’t cool down your room. 

Instead, it will warm it up. 

Once the water vapor is released in the room, the humidity will rise and increase the room’s temperature. 

With this humidifier, you can fight cold and flu during the winter easily. 

Some good benefits are:

  • The humidifier releases warm moisture, which further warms up the cool air around you during winter, thus relieving you from cold and flu. 
  • The humidifier does not have a fan, so it does not make any sound. 
  • The unit can efficiently kill germs and bacteria inside the room. 

Despite these benefits, there are some drawbacks:

  • Since it boils the water inside, it can become very hot over time. So, you need to ensure that kids don’t reach the unit. 
  • It will need very high energy for heating. 
  • The humidifier is not good for larger areas. 
  • Since the hot water will create droplets, there will be too many mineral deposits. The appliance will require frequent cleaning. 

Vaporizer humidifier

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This humidifier belongs to the warm mist category. 

The vaporizer balances the air moisture and releases an adequate amount of warm steam in the room. 

One great advantage of this humidifier is its rapid evaporation of steam. 

You need to place the appliance where children cannot easily spot it. The working temperature is very high. 

Can I run a humidifier in the summer?

You can use a humidifier in the summer, but you should use it only if needed. 

As we know, a humidifier increases the humidity level, and summer is a season of high humidity and hot air. 

But, some regions can have very dry summers. 

So, before you add a humidifier to your room, consider checking the humidity level of your room. 

A humidifier in summer is only recommended if your house is too dry and requires a slight refreshment, especially if house members are prone to allergies. 

You can use the cool mist type if you need a humidifier in summer.

Should I use a humidifier in the winter?

Winter is a good time to use a humidifier. 

Since it is a dry season, humidifiers can add moisture around your room. 

A warm mist humidifier would be a good choice as it will also warm up the space around you and add moisture. 

A humidifier in winter can ease you from dryness, static electricity, cold and flu, nose bleeding, and nose congestion. 

It also refreshes the air around you. 

The humidifier would also help in fighting allergies to dust and pets. 

Can I run the humidifier throughout the day?

You can run the humidifier throughout the day if necessary. 

It depends on the humidity level of the surrounding environment. 

Though running the humidifier always is unnecessary, nothing stops you from doing it. 

You will need it daily if the environment of your living area remains dry throughout the year. 

In the warmer months, you do not need to use it because the humidity already remains high enough. 

If you live in a place where you need to run the humidifier frequently, take care of two things:

  • Water the water regularly in time. 
  • Measure the water to maintain the humidity level.
  • Clean the humidifier from time to time if there are mineral deposits. 

To check the humidity level, you can get humidifiers with a hygrometer installed to synchronize with your device. 

It will let you know that the humidifier will only work if the humidity level of your room drops below the limit. 

While changing the water, always use distilled water to avoid mineral deposits. 

This way, you can clean the appliance sparingly, and the device will stay away from harmful bacteria. 

Where can I place my humidifier?

You can keep a humidifier anywhere inside your house. 

However, you cannot keep it on the floor.

Besides, you need to be extra cautious if you have a warm mist humidifier and children and pets at your house. 

Here are some of the good locations for your humidifier:

Living room

It is where you spend most of your time watching TV, having lunch and dinner, relaxing, and sometimes, working or studying. 

Having one humidifier in that room will keep you comfortable.

Check the humidity level of the device and adjust it accordingly. 

Home office

Place one on your desk and relax when you work at the office. 

A home office is a good place for a humidifier if you spend a lot of time here. 

Choose a model that suits the office room size. 

Choose small models with a USB port if the office space is small. 

For larger offices, choose one that is good for bigger dimensions. 


It is a place for relaxation and good sleep. 

But, you cannot sleep well if you have a cough, cold, or congested nose. 

Humidifiers can reduce congestion, colds, and flu, allowing you to sleep better. 

It would be better to activate the humidifier overnight in your bedroom. 

Do not place it beside your bedside. 

Keep it at a distance, so you don’t accidentally knock it off. 


Besides adults, humidifiers are beneficial for babies too. 

They face trouble sleeping due to dry air. A humidifier can comfort the surrounding air, soothe the baby’s nasal passages for good sleep, and prevent dry skin.

Plant nursery

Plants will also face problems growing due to the dry air. 

So, you can keep one humidifier in your nursery.

Many plants belong to tropical zones, requiring high humidity above 90-100%. 

Keeping one humidifier around them will keep the plants healthy. 

However, ensure the humidity level is not too high, which can encourage mold and mildew. 

Final thoughts

A humidifier is not meant to cool the room. 

It increases the moisture level of your room and comforts you during the dry weather. 

You can choose any humidifier of your choice. 

A warm mist will release warm air, and a cool mist will release cool air. 

However, a cool mist humidifier can cool down the room to some extent as it releases cold water vapor and slightly cools the room. 

But it will only work for a short time. 

After some time, your body will retain the released moisture and make you feel hot.

A humidifier is good during winter as it prevents dryness, static electricity, cold, flu, nose bleeding, and congestion. 

You can run the humidifier as long as it is required to run. 

Otherwise, keep it off, especially in the summers. 

The living room, bedroom, home office, nurseries, and plant rooms are good places to keep the humidifiers. 


Does sleeping with a humidifier make you sick?

Sleeping with a humidifier can also make you sick, especially when you do not clean it properly. 

Besides, the humidity levels remain high throughout the night. 

Keep checking the humidity level of your house, and then use the humidifier overnight.

Can I run a humidifier and a fan at the same time?

You can run the humidifier and the fan at the same time without any problem. 

The humidity will increase the moisture level, and the fan will disperse the extra moisture from the room. 

However, ensure the fan does not cool the room’s temperature when the condensation starts. 

That will create an uncomfortable situation. 

Does a humidifier help with a hot climate?

You can use a humidifier to reduce the heat in your room. 

You can use a cool-mist humidifier to cool down the temperature of your room without using extra energy. 

You can also use the humidifier with an AC unit to keep the room cool for longer. 

Will the cool mist humidifier help with a cough?

A cool mist humidifier does make your room cool for some time, but it will ultimately warm up the area. 

It won’t make your room cold, so you won’t lose any heat from your house. 

It adds moisture to your room and reduces the chances of cough and congestion. 

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