Can You Put An Air Conditioner In An Awning Window? (+Best Picks)

Summer is around the corner. You will be preparing your home to escape the scorching sun. If you are wondering if putting an air conditioner in an awning window is okay, you are at the right place. Let’s find out the answer to your question. 

You can place a portable air conditioner in an awning window. Start by attaching the brackets to the window, seal the gaps, place the air conditioner on the bracket, and secure it with screws. Do the final check, and you are ready to use your air conditioner. 

In this article, you will learn how to install an air conditioner in an awning window and the factors to consider while buying an air conditioner for an awning window. I have also mentioned the top picks to help you make the decision. So, keep reading. 

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Factors to Consider When Choosing an Air Conditioner for an Awning Window

Installing an air conditioner in the awning window is relatively easy and suits better if you are a person who shifts home frequently. 

It is also the best option if you want to cool a room that is not accessible to the central cooling system. 

I had such a room in the previous home I was living in, which was not getting adequate Cooling, so I installed an air conditioner in the awning window. 

While doing such an installation, there are certain factors you must consider. 

Here are the critical factors to consider while installing the air conditioner for the awning window. 

The Cooling capacity of the air conditioner

The air conditioner’s cooling capacity is significant when installing air conditioners in the awning window. 

The air conditioner’s cooling capacity must be determined based on the size of your room. 

If the room is large, you must install an air conditioner that will be large enough to cool the room. 

The Cooling power of the air conditioner is measured by the unit, BTU per hour, which expands as a British thermal unit.

If you choose the air conditioner with less BTU, it will work hard to keep the room cool. 

It not only increases the energy bill but also causes damage to the unit. 

If you have chosen an oversized air conditioner for your room, uneven Cooling will occur. 

So, you must calculate the size of your room in square feet and buy an air conditioner with a suitable BTU. 

Refer to the table below to calculate the BTU of your air conditioner: 

1100 to 150 sq. ft5000 BTU
2150 to 250 sq. ft6000 BTU
3250 to 300 sq. ft7000 BTU 
4300 to 350 sq. ft8000 BTU
5350 to 400 sq. ft9000 BTU
6400 to 450 sq. ft10000 BTU
7450 to 550 sq. ft12000 BTU
8550 to 700 sq. ft14000 BTU
9700 to 1000 sq. ft18000 BTU
101000 to 1200 sq. ft21000 BTU
111200 to 1400 sq. ft23000 BTU 
121400 to 1500 sq. ft25000 BTU

These are the standard measurements of the air conditioner for an 8 feet ceiling. 

If your ceiling is above 8 feet, you must buy an air conditioner with a larger BTU per hour. 

For the most accurate BTU level per hour, you must also consider the factors below. 


If your room gets direct sunlight during day time, it is best to increase the BTU by 10%

The number of people in a room: 

If there are more than 3 people in a room, you must add 600 BTU for every person. 

Shade in the room: 

On the contrary, if your room is shaded most of the time, you must reduce the BTU per hour by 10%. 

Window air conditioner size

The air conditioner must fit the window. 

You must measure the size of your window and buy an air conditioner that fits the window. 

Also, you can determine how many tons of air conditioner you want based on the room size. 

For example, if you have a 10 × 11 feet room, you will need a 1.2-ton window air conditioner. 


Measure the inner and outer dimensions of your window. 

Sometimes, the air conditioner won’t fit precisely in your window, but that’s not an issue. 

A window AC comes with an installation kit in which you will get curtains to fill the extra gap at each side of the window. 

The energy efficiency of the air conditioner

While buying an air conditioner for an awning window, you can look for 

  1. Energy star rating. 
  2. Energy efficiency ratio. 

Look for the best ratings and energy efficiency ratio before making a decision. You can also consult a professional to choose the best air conditioner for your room based on the two factors mentioned. 

Maintenance of the air conditioner

You must also remember that window air conditioners need regular cleaning for efficiency. 

As window air conditioners are prone to dust and debris accumulation, they must be cleaned regularly. 

You must remove the air filters regularly to clean the dust and debris. 

It is essential to consider this factor as you will need to schedule your time to clean the window AC unit regularly. 

If you want specific methods to clean your window air conditioner, consider referring to the user manual. 


Before installing a window air conditioner, check if the existing electrical system in your home can handle the electricity requirement of the window air conditioner. 

Calculate the air conditioner’s cooling capacity and check its voltage requirements. 

For example: if the cooling capacity of your air conditioner is measured as 15000 BIU, it will require 115 to 125 v. 

Considering all the abovementioned factors before installing a window air conditioner will help you make the right purchase. 

Types of Air Conditioners Suitable for Awnings Windows

I installed the window air conditioner on an awning window. 

There are other types of air conditioners that are suitable for awning windows. 

They are, 

  • Portable windows. 
  • Mini split air conditioner. 
  • Through the wall air conditioner.

You can choose among these air conditioners based on your budget and preferences.

Pros and Cons of Installing an Air Conditioner in an Awning Window

Pros of installing an air conditioner in an awning window: 

Easy installation and saving space

Window air conditioners are smaller and more compact than the central air conditioning system. 

Unlike the central air conditioning system, installing an air conditioner in an awning window takes less time and requires simple tools. 

Following the user manual’s instructions, you can install it without professional help. 

If you live in a small apartment or home, window air conditioners would be your best choice as they take up less space. 

Energy efficient

As air conditioners are installed in a room, you can reduce the cooling temperature as per your need for the particular room

In a central air conditioning system, changing the temperature of a particular area is impossible. 

Due to this feature, you can reduce your energy bills at the end of the month. 


An air conditioner in an awning window can be easily controlled by the air conditioner’s remote or control panel. 

Below are the cons of installing an AC in an awning window:

Low cooling capacity

As awning window air conditioners are smaller, there will be better fits to cool the larger rooms effectively than the central air conditioning system does. 

Even though they are easy to use and compatible, awning window air conditioners are not powerful as central air conditioning systems. 

Not aesthetically pleasing

Installing an air conditioner in an awning window will reduce ventilation. It will not be aesthetically pleasing as they are bulky when viewed from the outside. 

It is noisy

Some window air conditioners are noisy. They can disturb your sleep at night due to the constant noise. 

If you watch TV, the noise from the window air conditioner will disturb your experience. 

Size limitations

Awning windows are small compared to the other window types, reducing the possibility of large window air conditioners. 


A window air conditioner requires frequent cleaning and maintenance. 

Dust and debris accumulation in the air conditioner will reduce its efficiency. 

As awning windows are at higher altitudes than other windows, it will be difficult to clean the air conditioner. 

Installation Tips for an Air Conditioner in an Awning Window

Follow the below installation tips for the efficient function of the window air conditioners: 

  • Measure the window size. Make a note of all the dimensions of the window. After measuring the window, check if it can accommodate the air conditioner you have brought. Also, check if the awning window can withstand the air conditioner’s weight. 
  • Clean the awning window thoroughly using a vacuum. It will remove all the dust and debris accumulation in it. Cleaning the window will prevent a disruption in the air conditioner’s efficiency. 
  • Window air conditioners will come with the installation kit. It will also include brackets in it. Install the brackets in the window by following the instructions given in the user manual. After installing the bracket, check if they are secured on a leveled surface. 
  • Before placing the air conditioner in the window, check if there will be any space left on both sides of the air conditioner. If space is left, attach the side panel that will come with the installation kit to avoid air leakage.  
  • Now place the air conditioner in an awning window with bracket attachments. Make sure the brackets are leveled and centered. 
  • Secure the air conditioner to the brackets using screws from the installation kit. 
  • After securing the air conditioner, check if there are gaps around the air conditioner. If there are any gaps, seal the gap by following the instructions given in the user manual. 
  • Plug in the air conditioner and check if there are any leaks. Also, check if it’s cooling the room adequately. 

Consider referring to the user manual, as the installation process will differ based on the model and brand of the air conditioner. 

Top Picks for Air Conditioners Suitable for Awnings Windows

Here are the top picks of air conditioners suitable for awning windows: 

  1. Midea easy cool window air conditioner. 
  2. Frigidaire FFRS1022R1 115-volt slider. 
  3. Koldfront CAC8000W 115v casement air conditioner. 
  4. Perfect air slider air conditioner. 
  5. Keystone casement window air conditioner. 

Cost Considerations for Installing an Air Conditioner in an Awning Window:

The average cost of installing an air conditioner in an awning window ranges from $150 to $800. 

However, the cost may vary based on the air conditioner size, the number of units required, local labor, and installation cost. 

You can consult a professional to get precise cost estimations based on your requirements. 

Maintenance and Cleaning Tips for Air Conditioners Installed in Awnings Windows

Follow the steps to clean the window air conditioner: 

  • Unplug the air conditioner by turning off the circuit breaker. 
  • Disconnect the filter from the air conditioner and clean it thoroughly to eliminate dust and debris. Soak the filter in soapy water and let it dry before attaching it to the air conditioner. 
  • The air filter will help the air conditioner maintain constant airflow; cleaning it will help to increase the efficiency of the air conditioner. 
  • Fins are attached to the inner and outer evaporator coils. It helps to circulate air from the inner and outer units. Clean the fins of the evaporator coil to enhance air circulation. 
  • Check if the fins are bent and straighten them using a fin comb. 
  • Inspect the fans of the air conditioner. Clean the fan with the detergent solution to eliminate dust and debris. Drain pan accumulator water from the air conditioning unit. Remove the water and clean the drain pan to avoid mold growth. 
  • In the winter, storing the air conditioner in an indoor space is best to avoid damage. And also to increase the shelf life of the air conditioner. 

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Installing an Air Conditioner in an Awning Window

  • Choosing the wrong size of the air conditioner will cause damage to the appliance and also ruin your peace. You can avoid this by measuring the size of the room and getting an air conditioner suitable for it. 
  • The second mistake is the improper installation of the air conditioner. Ensure you follow the instructions in the user manual to avoid improper installation. 
  • Not checking if the air conditioner is getting proper support while placed on the window. Make sure the brackets are strong, and secure them with screws. 
  • One of the common mistakes is not sealing the gaps in the window frame. It will cause air leakage and reduce the efficiency of the air conditioner. 
  • Make sure you schedule time for regular maintenance of the air conditioner. Clean the filter, fans, and drain pan at least once in six months. 

Final Thoughts

Installing an air conditioner in an awning window is possible; also, various air conditioners are available for such installation. You can install a window air conditioner, portable air conditioner, split air conditioner, and through-the-wall air conditioner. 

Follow the steps mentioned in the article to install the air conditioner in an awning window. Clean the evaporator coils, filters, fans, and drain pan regularly to improve the air conditioner’s efficiency. 

Installing air conditioners in an awning window is the best choice if you live in small apartments or houses. Consider consulting with a professional if you are still struggling to choose the right air conditioner size for your room. 

Does the window AC need to be grounded? 

You do not need to ground the air conditioner if the window air conditioner is installed correctly and plugged into a 3-prong outlet.

Can an air conditioner go in any window?

You can place an air conditioner in a shaded window that doesn’t get direct sunlight because direct hot sunlight will reduce the efficiency of an air conditioner.

Reference: Air conditioning Wikipedia 

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